We want you for IceWarp

What are we? An alternative to M365 or GSuite.

How long we’ve been a thing? Since 2001.

How big is our team? We have about 70 people in our headquarters in Prague, with additional offices in the US, Germany, and India.

Where are we based? In Karlín, a short walk from the Křižíkova metro station.

Who are our customers? Globally recognized brands like Maersk, Ford, or Swiss Post rely on IceWarp. We also have local customers like Madeta, Oresi, or Okay.

About us

You’ll skim through this leaflet in about 17 seconds. That’s not much time to get acquainted. So we’ll just give you a quick overview of what we do at IceWarp. And if you’re interested, come chat with us at the booth, check out our website, or stalk us on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or follow us on YouTube.

A brief introduction of our departments:


Sales don’t sell because our product sells itself. And we haven’t even jammed AI into it yet (we’re working on it). So instead, sales fly around the world, from Dubai to New York, occasionally bringing us a new client as a souvenir.


Since there’s nothing to sell, marketing creatures have room to be creative and express themselves. That’s why they prepare materials like this eye-catching love letter.


They make us play sports, learn Spanish, plan events like this, and feed us when we run into them in the kitchen. In other words, they take very good care of us.


Devs have it easy these days. ChatGPT handles most of their tasks, so they only have to pretend to think very hard.


Have you ever managed to catch a tester at work? Neither have we, but the PlayStation in the conference room is always occupied.


Our systems run like clockwork, so our customers are mainly interested in yesterday’s football results, vegan recipes, or recent book releases worth reading.


This specialist job is all about switching on, switching off, switching on, switching off, switching on, and switching off even more switches. Fortunately, you can always see the results.


We have outstanding human resources. Please stop by our booth and see for yourself. 👀 And if you’re an introvert, check out our website. If you would like to know more about how we work, read about the company or about the vision of our CEO, Adam Paclt.



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