WebClient in IceWarp 11.3

IceWarp Server 11.3 is coming at the end of August and I am glad I can share exciting news about its features. In this part I will focus on general layout of WebClient interface – the first thing users will notice.

Automatic adjustment to low resolutions

WebClient is used on desktop computers with huge screens and on laptops or tablets with smaller screen estate. Even on large screens users may want to resize or split the browser windows to multitask with other applications at once. Sure enough, reading emails in small resolution is cumbersome, simply because there is not enough space left for the email content.

WebClient 11.3 addresses this problem by smart, automatic adjustments of the interface:

  • when the screen is resized to smaller width, the pane with Instant Messaging roster is hidden automatically
  • when the screen is resized to even smaller width, the pane with folders is hidden as well

Restoring hidden panes is as simple as moving mouse over the docking areas on the left or right side of the WebClient interface. You can set both IM roster and/or folder pane to be always visible, or always hidden even on the big screen.

Minimalistic IM roster

This feature is closely related to the previous one. We have modified the docking area of Instant Messaging roster – even when it’s minimized/hidden, you can still see the contact photos, their online status and click to chat right from the dock area.

Refreshed icons

We have updated the icon set so that icons better represent their functionality.

Multi-line preview in all folders

All types of folders (contacts, files, tasks, notes etc.) now offer the multi-line preview that was initially available for emails. For example in contacts, users can immediatelly see all email addresses, all phone numbers and avatars of their contacts right in the contact list.

Enjoy a small preview of WebClient in version 11.3 interface.

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