Online Documents in IceWarp Server 11.3

One of the most important features in IceWarp Server 11.3 is the integration with LibreOffice Online service. Our partnership with LibreOffice developers started several months ago and the first results will be already seen in the next release: online preview of documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Later in IceWarp Server 11.4 you will be able to edit all these documents in your browser.

End-user perspective

Online documents view in 11.3 (and eventually online editing in 11.4) will be available to users in WebClient. As long as LibreOffice Online is configured by administrator (see below), this feature is automatically available to all the users.

Users can make use of this feature without changing their routine when working in WebClient. All existing documents will be automatically available for preview (and editing in 11.4) in both private and public Documents folders. Simply click on a document and the preview pane will allow you to browse through its content. Need more space? Just open the document its own window and continue reading your email.

Administrator perspective

Integration with LibreOffice Online service may seem a bit cumbersome at first sight but it is not that much hassle at all. There are several ways to deploy the service, but we recommend running it on a separate server or at least in a separate virtual machine.

Preconfigured virtual server

IceWarp will provide preconfigured VMWare and HyperV images that can be deployed anywhere within the infrastructure where IceWarp Server runs. This is the recommended way for customers running IceWarp in Windows environment.

Docker image

IceWarp will also provide a preconfigured Docker image with LibreOffice Online service. Docker image can be deployed either directly on the server where IceWarp runs or to any other server within infrastructure where IceWarp runs. This is the prefered way for for customers running IceWarp in Linux (because Linux is the native environment for Docker images, although it can be deployed also on non-virtualized Windows).

Debian package

LibreOffice Online can be installed directly on any Debian server, but this will require additional configuration of the service.

IceWarp administration

Configuration of LibreOffice Online service within IceWarp Server settings is then straightforward. Just enable it on GroupWare – WebClients – Documents. Into “Service Connection” enter the IP address/port/URL of the server on the network where you have deployed LibreOffice Online service. Or leave the field blank if you have deployed it as a local Docker image.

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