IceWarp Server 11.3.1

IceWarp Server 11.3.1 has been released on October 16.

Apart from numerous bugfixes, we have included also several small improvements that will make end user experience better than ever before I will highlight the most important ones within this blog post.

Keeping up with the newest technology

In version 11.3.1 we have made sure that
WebClient works as smooth as possible in the newest Microsoft Edge browser
OutlookSync plugin works with Microsoft Outlook 2016

WebAdmin API console – multiline editor

API console in the new WebAdmin now recognizes “multiline” variables and opens a convenient editor in a standalone popup window.

External members of mailing lists

In the mailing list “Add members” dialog in the new WebAdmin it is now possible to add external email addresses. Once added, these external addresses are listed within the “Add members” dialog so that administrators can easily select / unselect them similarly as they can do with local accounts.

Welcome emails

We have significantly improved the mechanism for delivering “Welcome emails” to newly created user accounts. IceWarp Server now comes with preconfigured set of graphical emails (in all standard localizations) that guide new users through the most important info about the usage of the server. The old customized welcome emails can still be used.

Active and Recent chats in WebClient roster

WebChat roster in IceWarp WebClient now includes “Active Chats” area at the very top of the roster. Even if you minimize the chat window, you still have all your currently active contacts available at hand. More importantly, any new incoming chat will automatically get to this top area so you will never miss a message any more.

Moreover, if you have mistakenly closed the chat window, don’t worry. Active Chats area changes to “Recent” bar and if you click on it, all chats are restored automatically. This feature works also cross-session (i.e. after log out – log in).

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