This Is IceWarp Epos

Meet IceWarp Epos- the office buddy for your daily agenda.

With the introduction of Epos we’re not only rolling out another major version, but we’re bringing a complete overhaul to your user’s workflows, introducing new tools and many other upgrades to how teams communicate and collaborate. Get ready for the new streamlined experience.

The Year of Epos

Epos is our biggest release yet and we’re kicking off 2023 with a big bang by introducing an upgrade that marks the next chapter of IceWarp evolution. To name just a few updates: smart new interface design, revolutionary Dashboard, new micro-services, threaded chat conversations, brand new IceWarp mobile app and continued integration of all components with each other, as one already expects from IceWarp.

A New Design Epoch

The fresh new design leaves everything users love about our business tool, while adding visual quality to make their work day noticeably easier. The design language feels natural, navigating users through their agenda with ease. All features are within the reach and the interface is uncluttered to give room to content, creativity and collaboration. The left-side folder panel as well as the right sidebar are hidden but with a click they reveal new useful information streams: on the right, there’s Instant Messaging, Upload Center, followed TeamChat conversation threads, Calendar items and of course the Quick Settings and Preferences. On the left, the new folder design trims away the complicated tree structure and navigates the user through their personal, shared and public folders with ease, also offering favorites as a shortcut to their most accessed files. Instant Messaging and TeamChat conversations can be opened in separate window tabs and moved to a second display. Redesigned search experience with customizable tags and advanced filtering helps users to find what they’re looking for without difficulty.

Dashboard Is the New Desktop

Dashboard is revolutionizing the way users interact with their data. By creating a fully customizable web-based environment, users can replace their cluttered desktop with a more efficient and user-friendly interface. Users can drag and drop files, stick notes, pin conversations or save important meeting recordings and quickly access them from anywhere they are, by a click of a button. Every item on the Dashboard shows a preview which can be expanded to full size, freely rearranged and organized into folders. This new environment also allows users to integrate other services they use outside of IceWarp, making it easier to access all of their data in one place.

Dashboard provides users with a streamlined, integrated experience  and doesn’t require any special setup because it runs from the cloud, for the perfect out-of-the-box experience on every installation, self-hosted or cloud-based.

IceWarp App

The app now bears the crisp IceWarp name without further ado. This means that users can separate their work life from their personal apps or accounts and remain compliant with BYOD policies through a single vetted app. Like the rest of the suite, it ports the new Epos design and overcomes the integration shortfalls of previously separate apps. Instead the new app is based on the familiar all-in-one concept, allowing users to access all their data on the go, in a single interface. In a nutshell, the new design approach simplifies the user environment and significantly increases the degree of feature integration.

The IceWarp app unifies the Conferences virtual meetings with audio  & video sharing capability with the full TeamChat experience including threaded conversations, just like on the desktop. Likewise, the app allows users to access all of their files and documents in the cloud, but it doesn’t stop there. As a first, collaborative document editing is now supported so that users can continue editing the document where they left off and seamlessly switch between the web and mobile editors. Sooner than later we will be adding email, too.

More Micro-Services

Dashboard is meant to become the ultimate hub for many other micro-services and integrations. Continuing with the trend of previously released micro-services such as Documents or Conferences, businesses are able to provide their users with an efficient and easy to use environment that can be tailored to their specific needs. Cloud micro-services simplify the deployment of new features that previously required a complex configuration on their own hardware. This allows customers to keep their data with them while still being able to access the full suite of services, saving costs on system integration and streamlining the integration of their existing services. With micro-services, new features just instantly appear and can be used right away.

File Sharing and Privacy Controls

In IceWarp we take data privacy seriously which has lead us to rethink how files are being shared and how to better protect customers from the ever-present risk of loss of confidential, business critical and private information.

All attachments are now sent as Smart Attachments, so the recipient gets a download link and the sender gets more control over their files. For enhanced data confidentiality, the new Upload Center shows history of all shares and using geolocation services it will display the country from where those shared or SmartAttached files have been accessed. In case of any suspicious activity the links can be immediately revoked. SmartAttach also allows users to replace their attachment if they find a mistake after sending it. Links can be password-protected to prevent  unauthorized access. Last but not least, all file-sharing links now don’t take up much space in your content, owing to the new “” shortening microservice.

Release Dates

IceWarp Epos is rolling out to cloud customers during February 2023 in several waves. The release of our on-premise version will follow at the end of the quarter.

If you can’t wait to see what the new version has to offer, check out the IceWarp Preview. If you like what you see, you can switch it to trial and work with real data already. Want to keep it? Sign up and 3 months of service are on us.





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