IceWarp & ChatGPT Launch for the Stars

Artificial intelligence is on a meteoric rise, and IceWarp users are here for the ride. ChatGPT is now part of IceWarp, so discover how it’ll make your work even easier!

The Dawn of AI

Good luck even spending five minutes online today without running into artificial intelligence (AI) anywhere you go. People worldwide use all types of AI-assisted tools for work, gaming, art, literature, and everything in between. If you’re not using AI in some capacity right now, it’s safe to say you’re well behind the curve.

But out of every instance of AI, there always seems to be one particular tool that stands both head and shoulders above the rest: ChatGPT. In case you’ve been living under a rock, ChatGPT is a highly intelligent chatbot that answers questions, performs knowledgeable web searches on your behalf, and helps users in both brainstorming and text generation.

Currently, ChatGPT is considered by most to be the best chatbot of its kind, with over 100 million users on the site! And companies too have taken note of its abilities, finding ways to enhance their apps or software with ChatGPT’s help.

New BFFs: IceWarp and ChatGPT

At IceWarp, we’ve closely followed ChatGPT since its release in November 2022. Our goal is to continually improve IceWarp by implementing the latest tools on the market, meaning we couldn’t let ChatGPT and its game-changing applications pass us by.

As of the November IceWarp Epos update, ChatGPT is now fully functional within IceWarp. But what exactly does that mean? How can a chatbot help you – the user and your teams – get your work done even more efficiently?

Let’s dive into this update together and discover how IceWarp + ChatGPT will improve your daily productivity like never before.

Everyday Use Cases with ChatGPT

Within the IceWarp system, you can now leverage ChatGPT’s expertise in the Compose, Chat, and TeamChat dialog windows and in Documents. This generative AI will save you countless hours long-term by providing magic-like assistance in responding to emails, translating, authoring texts, and so much more.

Just picture your average day of work, full of emails from clients, other team members, your boss, etc. Then you’ve got a co-worker mentioning you in multiple TeamChat messages, waiting for your response, not to mention that draft text you have yet to finish in Documents…

Email and TeamChat

Now, picture that same workload. This time, however, let’s put our new AI assistant to work. Open your first email, and watch as ChatGPT creates a draft reply based on every piece of specific information included in the email, saving you loads of time by not having to type out every word yourself.

“But what if the email’s from, say, my boss, and it’s super long but important? I don’t want to miss anything crucial.” And you won’t. Simply open the long-winded email, and ChatGPT can provide an instantaneous summary of everything you need to know. Now, you can stay in the loop without reading anybody’s novels.

And the exact same goes for IceWarp’s TeamChat. Allow your new AI buddy to glean every message for crucial information before suggesting your accurate reply. And, of course, you can still edit ChatGPT’s suggestions in case you have something else in mind.

Text Generation in Documents

Now, all of those uses are sure to save you plenty of time and mental strain on a daily basis, but we haven’t even talked about ChatGPT’s real bread and butter: long-form text generation.

Using ChatGPT directly within IceWarp’s Document tab will take your creativity to a previously unknown level. Simply ask ChatGPT anything, and it’ll generate immediate answers for you based on credible information it finds online. 

It can provide writing prompts, suggest new banner texts or article headlines (while even incorporating puns, rhyming, or play-on-words), and act as your brainstorming partner for idea creation.

Experience IceWarp + ChatGPT for Yourself

ChatGPT’s applications are quite literally limitless, especially now that we’ve added it to IceWarp. If you’re already an IceWarp user, you can benefit from ChatGPT’s help today. And if you haven’t tried IceWarp before, now’s the perfect time to see exactly how much it can assist you with every aspect of your work, business, or organization.

It’s time to jump on the IceWarp and ChatGPT rocket as this AI-assisted spaceship sets off for outer space! Take your everyday workload and watch as this new happy union saves you time, money, and mental exhaustion, shooting your creativity to new and improved heights!

Try IceWarp 1 MONTH FREE and Launch Your AI-Aissted Creativity into the Stars!

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