Press release: IceWarp Receives the Approval of the Chilean Government

IceWarp has been chosen as an approved cloud solution provider for Chilean government entities. Now organizations all over Chile can upgrade their processes with IceWarp’s all-in-one email and collaboration  solution.

IceWarp Goes to Chile

IceWarp has already worked hard to become a widely-used business tool solution all over the world. For instance, IceWarp is one of only three collaboration tools recommended in Sweden, and it’s the fastest-growing solution of its kind in Central Europe. But IceWarp has even gone further, establishing itself in the public sector from America all the way to Malaysia. And now, it’s set its focus on Chile.

Via its authorized partner (PGA) in Chile, IceWarp had the chance to participate in a pre-selection process held by the Chilean authorities. Here are the words of IceWarp’s Partner Success Manager, Adam Badenhorst, regarding this successful selection process.

PGA (IceWarp’s authorized partner) is one of the approved participants within the framework who can sell and deliver email and collaboration software to the government entities that decide which software to buy from the Government Marketplace. This makes IceWarp an approved manufacturer who can sell such solutions to the Chilean government bodies via PGA.

This impactful recommendation by the Chilean government only serves to further solidify IceWarp’s position in the market as both a quality and affordable cloud solution provider. But what exactly can IceWarp offer these government entities, and how does IceWarp work?

The Future of Real-Time Project Collaboration

IceWarp Cloud integrates the right communication tools that help teams stay organized and get work done efficiently. Business-grade email, groupchat for real-time messaging and file sharing, comprehensive online conferencing solution and document collaboration are the main pillars thoughtfully integrated with each other. Remote workers can synchronize their contacts and agenda to mobile devices or participate in online meetings on the go. Office users can be provisioned with a suite of productivity apps which can be used both online and offline. This way documents can be worked on by multiple users at once, eliminating the need to constantly send projects back and forth, while cutting the cost of a standalone Microsoft Office subscription.

Now Available in Chile

After the successful entry to Chile, IceWarp is prepared to further invest into the South American market and grow its local presence. It’s already represented through the network of business partners which extends to more than fifty countries around the world, as businesses and governments alike start to recognize it as the ideal replacement for the other less-equipped service providers.

IceWarp offers local data storage through its regional data center which is located directly in Chile. This is an important decision factor for governments where information security and data privacy is a necessity. IceWarp can scale its operations on-demand and offer the solution when and where needed. Further private and public clouds will be built in the coming years in the region, enabling government and business customers not only from Chile but from South America at large work more effectively and securely.

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