IceWarp in the top three recommended collaboration solutions in Sweden

The Czech company IceWarp succeeded in a report Digital collaboration platform for the public sector by the Swedish government and became one of the three recommended alternative solutions for digital cooperation between public sector organisations. In addition to renowned competitors such as Microsoft and Google, IceWarp can meet the demands of Swedish institutions for information security or personal data protection and strengthen their digital sovereignty. The IceWarp solutions are attractive mainly because of the possibility of local data storage and especially due to the transparency of working with data and sensitive information, which is a necessity in the public sector.

IceWarp has captivated Swedish institutions with its cloud office tools, which compete fully with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. “The main reason why the Swedish institutions ranked IceWarp among the top three recommended solutions is the need for transparent work with data, as well as the possibility of storing them locally,” comments Filip Korbel, Sales Director at IceWarp.

The attention of Swedish authorities have been attracted by tools such as email client, calendar, group chat, video conferencing, task and document management, as well as online document editing option. All are available in a web interface, desktop and mobile application. All functions can be used in a browser environment without the need to install anything on the user’s computer.

“Public institutions should make full use of the potential of digitalisation and focus on suppliers who, from the beginning, place emphasis on the protection of sensitive data and automatically implement cyber security tools in their solutions. This would eliminate the additional cost of finding another cybersecurity provider,” explains Adam Paclt, CEO of IceWarp, and continues: “Public institutions should not be the one adapting to existing solutions, but software providers should tailor their apps to client needs and legislative requirements. Crucial is the complete change of approach and the search for a holistic solution for the public sector and the IT industry.”

The IceWarp solution offers attractive prices and improved solutions ready for the future and requirements associated with labor mobility. Basic and advanced tools for the virtual office are an alternative to Microsoft Office, IceWarp provides with the possibility of online collaboration. TeamChat combines video conferencing with team chat and, unlike Microsoft Teams, brings new customers the opportunity to store all data in their own data center.

About IceWarp

IceWarp  is a Czech IT company established in 2001 and on the Czech market is distributed by At first, IceWarp focused on its own email server platform, as an alternative to the most widely used product at the time – Microsoft Exchange. In the past twenty years, however, the offering has expanded and now includes a suite of basic and advanced office tools and a platform for video conferencing or team chat.

Today, its network of business partners extends to more than fifty countries around the world, and its customers are public institutions and renowned companies from the private sector.

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