New Year, New IceWarp – Introducing the Epos Update

With the end of 2022 just around the corner, Icewarp has been working hard on its New Year’s resolutions. It’s safe to say some big changes are coming to the platform, including a complete design overhaul that users will love. So, get the fireworks ready because this Epos update is going to be a blast!

2023: The Year of Epos

Every January 1, we all tend to reminisce about what went right the year before, and what we’re planning to improve going forward. Some people actually write down a list of goals they want to achieve, while others take a more relaxed approach to setting resolutions.

Here at IceWarp, we take improving our all-in-one business tool very seriously. And that’s why we’re introducing an update in 2023 that leaves everything you love about the tool, while also adding visual and quality-of-life features that’ll make your work day noticeably easier!

The Newest WebClient Design

So, what exactly can users expect from the Epos update? Well, for starters, it’s time to say hello to a brand-new WebClient design. And this design comes with almost too many new features to name, so let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

First off, the new WebClient design will now feature a right sidebar with Instant Messaging (which draws inspiration from social media networks), an Upload Center, TeamChat threads, and even your Calendar. As you can probably tell, the name of the game is accessibility, or simply enjoying a clear and informative UI with your most important information all on the same page.

But the updated WebClient design doesn’t stop there. You’ll now be able to open individual IceWarp components in different windows or tabs, allowing you to put IM convos on one screen, open a separate window for your email, and have yet another open for documents, or whatever else you might need. And yet, all of these separate windows are connected within the same WebClient session.

The Dashboard of Your Dreams

When asked to describe their favorite part of the new Epos, the hardworking engineers at IceWarp only need two words: Big dashboards. That’s right. 2023 is the year of a fully customizable workspace right in your browser.

With IceWarp’s new, larger-than-life dashboard design, you can enjoy a well-organized workplace setup that features just as little or as much of the tools you use every day. Plus, Epos’ improved dashboard will allow you to save files for single-click opening and sharing, pin notes, and even playback call and audio recordings.

Had one too many glasses of that New Year’s Eve bubbly, and now you can’t remember where you saved your files from before the holiday break? Well, you probably aren’t the only one, which is why Epos includes easy access to your recent files found in the History tab, conveniently located on the left side of the dashboard.

Turn 2023 into the year that you finally take full advantage of your 100% customizable, cloud-based workspace that stays in sync no matter where you go or what device you use to log into IceWarp.

Cutting-Edge TeamChat & Email Attachments

Communication is everything, which is why the Epos update has also gone to lengths to improve your TeamChat experience. The fully redesigned TeamChat now only shows key topics in each room, which you can then expand to reveal entire conversations. This helps to declutter your TeamChat feed, letting you quickly scan over the information until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

But the biggest change to TeamChat is the addition of in-app threads. These conversation threads stay visible in the right sidebar even as you navigate to other components in IceWarp. Simply follow a thread to stay in the loop on everyone’s New Year’s goals, and never miss out on any posts or mentions with automatic following.

Apart from TeamChat threads, we’re also stoked to introduce default Smart Attachments. It’s time to leave both 2022 and email attachments in the past where they belong. This new feature removes the old attachments format, instead sending the recipient a download link. This update not only saves bandwidth but, most importantly, helps to even better maintain data confidentiality. Plus, you’ll find all of your shared files available in the Upload Center in the right sidebar.

And So Much More…

At IceWarp, we’ve worked long and hard to bring Epos to every user. In fact, one of our favorite slogans we use around the office is “small company, big results”. Actually, the results are so large that they all can’t fit in just a single article (unless you’re interested in reading a full Epos novel?).

We haven’t even mentioned the brand-new intuitive search, the totally reconstructed notes, pro-level conference calling, or the all-in-one IceWarp mobile app. But that’s alright, we’re happy to leave these little surprises for you to uncover on your own. Just as our New Year’s resolution has been to create the best update ever, your company’s resolution can be discovering just how much Epos can improve your workflow and overall user experience.

Update or Upgrade? Why Not Both?

The new year is coming and there’s never been a better time to really put IceWarp to the test. With the Epos update, you’ll be able to utilize your company’s fullest potential, without any minor inconveniences slowing you down. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on these new features, and hear how they’ve completely changed the game for your business.

So, get ready and get excited. 2022 was great, but now it’s out with the old, and in with the new! Simply put, Epos isn’t only the UPDATE of the year but also the UPGRADE your company deserves!

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