IceWarp vs. NextCloud: Choose Your New Sheriff

Only a real cowboy can walk away the victor in the wild, wild West of online business solutions. NextCloud may have just rolled into town, but this isn’t IceWarp’s first rodeo. So, let’s compare the two and see who’s the true sheriff of these lands!

An Old-Fashioned Duel

As with every good Western, there’s nowhere better to start than the beginning. And in the case of online business tools, everything begins with email.

Lucky for IceWarp, its email service shines as bright as the North Star. Follow it to discover a fully-fledged communications tool offering everything from real-time editable documents and file sharing to SmartAttachments and Smart Delay Send. And, thanks to interactive meeting invites that display your schedule around the proposed time, you can experience the convenience of Smart Planning. You’ll never again settle for anything less.



And what does NextCloud have to offer? No in-house email to speak of! Without its own email service for clients, NextCloud is forced to use an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). In simple terms that any rancher can understand, an SMTP works as a middleman, relaying all emails sent and received. Unfortunately, this service is vulnerable to notable disadvantages, including security risks, firewall issues, limited email text lengths, and delayed message delivery.

 And just like that, IceWarp gets off the first shot! But NextCloud isn’t down and out yet, so it’s back to the quick draw. But before both broncos can reach for their six-shooters, let’s dig a little deeper into our comparison.

Shots Fired

It’s obvious now that IceWarp has the superior email tool, but it will take something special to upset NextCloud. And that’s when TeamChat steps in.

TeamChat is IceWarp’s “beyond email” communication tool for bullet-fast messaging. But that’s not all it does. TeamChat comes fully equipped with pinned posts, file sharing, file change history, thumbs up, invites, document view, and a complete email connection. TeamChat also boasts its new Threads feature, which sensibly organizes chat messages to help users better follow the flow of conversation.

Can NextCloud fire back? Now, to be fair, NextCloud does offer its own variation of TeamChat. However, it’s neither as detailed nor useful as the IceWarp option.

NextCloud’s messaging solution is missing pinned messages, file history, thumbs up, Threads, document view, and member invites. But potentially the greatest misstep of all? NextCloud’s chat tool is wholly independent of its email tool. In other words, with NextCloud, you’ll be jumping back and forth between the chat and your email inbox, trying to remember where you last saw some important message from the head honcho.

The Final Round

Again, IceWarp’s quick draw is just too fast. NextCloud takes another shot but hasn’t given up the fight yet. What will it take to win the duel?

Call it IceWarp’s secret weapon or even NextCloud’s final nail in the coffin. Either way, IceWarp’s Desktop Suite is just too much for the competition.

Desktop Suite offers Client and Office documents on both Windows and Linux devices. Desktop Client is a powerful fusion of email, contracts, calendars, tasks, notes, private chat, conferences, and more. Plus, all these features are fully integrated into a single interface, complete with fast full-text search, email encryption & PGP support, interactive message history, and even dark mode.

The Desktop Suite also includes Desktop Office, allowing clients to create and edit documents right from their desktop on Windows. Of course, these documents seamlessly work with native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats.

Simply put, this is one of IceWarp’s greatest factors, something that NextCloud doesn’t offer at all.

A New Sheriff in Town

A third and final BANG rings across Main Street – and just like that, NextCloud falls to its knees, conceding the win to IceWarp! There’s only room for one sheriff in this town, and IceWarp’s got the fastest quick draw in the land.


There’s no reason you should settle for anything but the best, and IceWarp’s the only business tool solution that’ll put all your ducks in a row. With more than 50 million users already aboard the IceWarp Express, you’re not going to want to miss this gold rush!

With IceWarp as Sheriff, You’ll Be More Productive Than Ever! Try IceWarp Today!

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