The only office rule is, there is no office

What are we? A Czech alternative to M365 or GSuite with a global reach. 

How long we’ve been a thing? Since 2001. 

Where we can store your data? Everywhere, because we cater to the needs of our clients. 

Who are our customers? Globally recognized brands like Maersk, Ford, Swiss post or Escalon and Chilean police forces rely on IceWarp. We also have local customers like Madeta, Oresi, or Okay.

What you’ll find in the IceWarp virtual office


Basically a virtual town square, where you’ll spend most of your day. It only takes one click to get to your emails, files, calendar, meetings, lunch orders, or cat videos. 


If Dashboard is the town square, then TamChat is the local tavern. Itś a place for discussing work with your colleagues, brewing super-important plans, and even for keeping track of recent company gossip. 


This is the cornerstone of everything in IceWarp. In addition to all the usual email features like folders, flags, rules and spam filtering, you can share messages straight to TeamChat and easily send large attachements with Smart Attach. 


Do you remember the old archives, where you could never find what you were looking for? Well, Documents is a similar black hole but with a Search function! 


Where would modern humans be without a planning tool, right? 


Jamming up to a thousand people in one room is never a good idea. So organize a virtual conference instead. It’ll be way easier to moderate, and you can always switch off the camera if you get the jitters.

If this Product leaflet catch your attention, read more about our product and try our demo for free!


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