IceWarp: The Next Generation

Gen3 is, without a doubt, the most important update of IceWarp in the past 5 years. We made a lot of changes, added many features you asked for, and made IceWarp cherrier than a cherry on the top. Let’s dive into the wonderland of business conferences and coffees getting cold.


“Your UI is reporting for duty!”

Who wouldn’t want a better interaction between the user interface and actual users? With that in mind, we designed a better UI that supports working in a multiple screen environment. As a result, your interaction with the web client is easier and more effective:

  • Windows are now customizable around the UI. It’s about time you read all the long threads you’ve been avoiding. Just maximize the TeamChat window and put it on your second screen.
  • Notification area got redesigned and is a dynamic part of the UI. No more excuses that you missed a memo – and that’s a good thing.
  • Automatic conference recording with push-notifications that inform you when a certain recording is available. Let’s never again forget to push the record button.



“Hello productivity, my old friend.”

Following any conversation must be easy. And so has to be digging up any files that you thought you’d never ever need. That’s why we implemented two crucial changes to make the time that you spend with the product much more effective:

  • Search is redesigned, improved, and integrated with independent indexing service. Finding that one email Sharon sent you last year (with a very important attachment you need RIGHT NOW) will definitely be faster and easier.
  • TeamChat threads. Remember how annoying it is to keep a conversation going in a single channel with dozens of other unrelated messages? Not anymore.


“Control is the new black.”

In order to make sharing files outside of the IceWarp environment easier and secure, we vested in you the power to control the data you share. Thus, every file you upload into IceWarp is converted into a smart attachment:

  • Upload Center gives you complete control over the way you share the files. Sending quotes to your clients? Set their permissions to view only. Getting annoyed by the fact that Tim from the back office constantly changes your supplies spreadsheet? Simply take away his access rights to the file.
  • SmartAttach improved. From now on, every file you upload is smart, allowing you to use all new features of the Upload Center.


“Every one of you is a pretty butterfly.”

Start to actually like your business apps. Build a connection, create a relationship, make it your own. Right here, on your screen! In order to get there, you are now able to customize the interface:

  • Profile dashboard. Looking forward to the next company breakfast? Put the calendar where you can see it. Need quick access to notes? See them on your dashboard!
  • Work dashboards. Do the same for users, groups, admins, and TeamChat channels, because that’s how you roll now.
  • New widgets, like Timeline or Notes, give you the power to create unique dashboards. And who knows, maybe you’ll organize an internal dashboard beauty contest with your colleagues.

So when can you expect this new Gen3 beauty? Our plan is to roll it out by the first half of 2022 in all regions. Be among the pioneers of the next generation and get on the Gen3 action now! If you’re from Central Europe or the United States, just get back to us and we’ll make this huge update available for your account.



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