Server As a Hostage: Feeling “Locked Up” by Your Provider?

With increasing energy costs, rapid upturns of inflation, and more employees working remotely than ever before, the fees for many cloud services are scheduled to skyrocket. These changes could easily turn your SaaS into a hostage situation. So, what can you do about it, and is there any hope for an affordable cloud solution?

Cloud Prices Literally in the Clouds

Public cloud prices are expected to jump by almost a third in Europe come 2023, with an increase of one-fifth for the US as well. There are many factors responsible for this sudden uptick, with everything from COVID-19 to the war in Ukraine responsible for rising energy prices and record inflation.

And this issue is no longer only impacting office-goers but also fully remote companies and freelancers. Pretty much anybody storing their work on the cloud can expect to pay more for the same services next year.

All Doom and Gloom?

But there’s got to be some upside, right? Well… that actually depends on your service provider. In fact, things might not be looking all that rosy for M365 or Google Workspace users, who feel trapped in their contracts, oftentimes paying for a plethora of tools they aren’t even using. For instance, when was the last time you used Microsoft Access to create a customized database application?

Who knows? Maybe you do that all the time, but for anyone not using this tool, or any similar apps like Yammer, Sway, Delve, Google Classroom, Jamboard, etc., you may be less than enthusiastic to know you’re paying for them anyway. And in most cases, there’s no way for you to arrange a lower price from these companies and only pay for what you need.

The IceWarp Solution

That’s where IceWarp comes in. It’s no secret that IceWarp isn’t impervious to rising inflation or soaring server prices, but it does have an advantage that sets it apart from the pack. With IceWarp, you only pay for what you need and what you use. With four payment packages from Lite to Pro, the majority of users will find exactly what they’re looking for. But that’s not all.

For anyone searching for a truly customized experience, IceWarp offers a self-hosted payment option. Included in the license, you get everything you’d come to expect from a quality business tool provider, including WebClient with email, TeamChat, Document Sharing, and more, but you can even select any addons that perfectly fit what your business needs.

Because each use case is different, your contract should only include what you’re actually going to use. Maybe your team hates conference calls, preferring to handle everything via email or TeamChat. Then there’s no need for you to be paying extra for the Conferencing app. Or maybe you want to treat all of your remote workers to the Mobile Devices addon, effectively turning their cell phones into fully-functioning work devices for quicker access on the go.

Set Your Business Free

In short, you should never feel like your business tool provider is an anchor tied to your company’s legs at all times. Especially when cloud prices are expected to really take a turn for the expensive. Only paying for what you want and what you actually use is the best way to keep your business from becoming a hostage.

So, don’t allow your business to be locked up behind a non-negotiable contract featuring the outdated “buy one, buy all” format. IceWarp is here to help you enjoy all the features that you’re used to without paying for the ones you aren’t, or don’t even need.

Take control of your business and see for yourself just how good it feels to be the one holding the keys to your contract, instead of the one getting locked in.


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