IceWarp WebAdmin 11.3

In IceWarp Server 11.3 our team has continued with development of new WebAdmin interface. Whilst the first version of new WebAdmin (introduced in IceWarp 11.2) covered mostly the agenda of domain administrators, the current version enables access to all server settings via well-arranged API console. But there are more cool features coming and I would like to share all the exciting news within this blog post.

Domainadmin Access Rights

Administrators can now define what options (on domain and / or account level) will be available to domain administrators. Apart from the old WebAdmin, in IceWarp Server 11.3 administrators can use the well-known names of API variables that should be made (un)available to domain admins.

Domain Settings

Administrators can also finally create and manage whole domains, not only accounts as was the case in the initial release of the new WebAdmin. This includes the most common tasks of viewing and changing disk quota for a domain, limiting the amount of messages sent per day, enabling and disabling access to services on domain level, remote provisioning and more.

API Console

API console provides a low-level access to all server settings, including those not available in the Administration GUI. The dialog is context sensitive, so when looking at global/domain/user WebAdmin options, it will display global/domain/user API options. Domain administrators will not have access to global API variables though.

Global API variables are separated into areas such as Accounts, Domains, Mail, etc., and can be easily searched across the variable name and its detailed description.

Email Rules

IceWarp WebAdmin 11.3 brings also a complete builder for creating rules on domain and account level. Rules can automatically process incoming emails based on defined conditions, and the builder provides full set of conditions and actions as if in Administration GUI or WebClient.


Dashboard is the administrator’s control center providing the most important information about server status and utilization. It includes overview of running services and both real-time and historical statistics of server activity.

This feature is obviously available only to full administrators.

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