IceWarp Makes Its Home in the Middle East

IceWarp has kept the Middle East in its sights for nearly a decade now, and with yet another appearance at the massive tech fair Gitex, it’s obvious we’re here to stay. But what else have we been up to in the desert, and how is IceWarp prioritizing the Middle East?

First Office in Dubai

Nothing better shows our dedication to our clients in the Middle East than our physical, brick-and-mortar office in Business Bay, Dubai. We were stoked to get some actual boots on the ground in the beautiful Jewel of Arabia, and now our local team can provide face-to-face support for all partners and customers in the area.

Esteemed Clientele

The word of IceWarp’s applicability as a true alternative to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace has spread all the way to the Emirates, and beyond. And that word’s been picked up by prominent industry leaders. Now big-league companies like the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Zagzoog, and TerraNet use IceWarp on the daily basis.

Middle East Data Center(s)

The Middle East region wouldn’t be that much of a priority if it didn’t get its own data center, right? That was exactly our thought at IceWarp, and as we began to see more and more users in the area, we decided it was time to introduce our own local data center in the heart of Bahrain.

But that’s not all, multiple other upcoming data centers on in the works, and they’ll most certainly be coming to a city or country near you. The new locations include: Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

The Right Business Model

IceWarp is a primarily partner-driven company. Without “you”, there is no “us”. Our goal is to further extend our operations in the Middle East, to build a partner network that stretches from the Red Sea all the way to the Persian Gulf. Join the likes of so many other local companies, and partner with IceWarp today!

Any local support?

Yes, of course! We have a local 24/7 support team working around the clock to solve all and any issues across the entire Arabian Peninsula. And to ensure all of your global company is covered, IceWarp provides L1-L3 support not only where you’re based but globally.

Migrating to IceWarp

If you’re interested in making the beneficial switch to IceWarp but are concerned about your massive mailboxes and data deposits, then worry no more! Our specialized team is used to handling data migrations that reach truly enormous heights. We’re talking 300,000+ mailboxes migrated from Exchange in only 4 months! And we can do the same for you.

Speak Your Language

It almost goes without saying that not only does our local support team speak fluent Arabic, but our web client now does too! So, say goodbye to using English apps, and hello to a business tool that speaks your native tongue.

IceWarp is in the Middle East to Stay

Simply put, IceWarp has landed in the Middle East, and it’s not going anywhere. And to make our support clear, we’ve introduced all of the region-specific perks mentioned above. Everything from local data centers and 24-hour support, to a physical Dubai office and IceWarp app in Arabic.Join the countless other big-name companies and 50+ million users worldwide who have already made the switch to IceWarp. Whether you’re based in Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, or anywhere in between, IceWarp has got you covered!

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