Version 12.2

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – July 15, 2019: IceWarp released IceWarp 12.2, the latest version of its email and productivity suite for businesses of all sizes. The new version brings users many enhanced features aimed at further streamlining teamwork. As a highlight, this release includes TeamChat Mobile app, a companion to the proven TeamChat on the web and desktop enabling in-context collaboration in teams. 

On the instant messaging front, the enhancements in IceWarp 12.2 include more reliable chat sync across multiple user’s devices through the implementation of XMPP Carbons protocol. This ensures that the user always sees exactly the same chat histories on all of their screens, both in the desktop IceWarp and in the mobile IceChat. To optimize email handling, IceWarp 12.2 supports email delegation, both in its web-based interface and in Microsoft Outlook 365 through the updated Outlook Sync.

Further new features include a redesigned Message Compose window with a streamlined way to add attachments, improved Outlook Sync installer to streamline deployment in enterprise Windows environments, support for screen sharing in WebMeetings under Mozilla Firefox, and audio and video calls in IceChat for Android. In addition, 12.2 marks a cloud-first release with emphasis on easy migration to the cloud for existing customers. 

“IceWarp 12.2 brings our customers just what many of them have been asking for. I’m sure especially TeamChat Mobile with its email and chat integration will prove to be a much capable alternative to competing collaboration solutions for many of them,” commented IceWarp’s CEO Adam Paclt. “Usability enhancements including improved Outlook 365 support, email delegation and reliable chat history sync across devices will make the everyday lives of our customers easier. At the same time, our cloud options will free the hands of IT to focus on high-value business initiatives.”

TeamChat Mobile: Work with your team from anywhere

TeamChat Mobile provides users all the features and benefits of the desktop TeamChat in the form of a mobile app for both iOS and Android. All the features that users know from TeamChat on the desktop are available on the mobile: rooms, attachments, pins, comments, user mentions and more. TeamChat Mobile seamlessly syncs with the desktop version, which means that users have access to all their conversations with colleagues and always work with up-to-date information. Among the highlights of TeamChat, email messages can be forwarded to any room where any member can reference them, comment on them or even take them over and reply.

The users can adapt TeamChat’s built-in notification system to their involvement in individual projects. They can disable notifications for projects that do not require their constant attention. They can also use message history search and user mentions to access the parts of team discussions they really need to follow. TeamChat Mobile additionally includes confidentiality features such as two-factor authentication and Face ID or Touch ID support.

Email tailored to customers’ needs: Compatible with client of their choice including Outlook 365

In addition to existing reliable and standards-compliant email server features, IceWarp 12.2 now enables users to delegate their email to make better use of their time. Incoming mail can be delegated to colleagues or assistants who will be able to receive email messages and meeting invites on their colleagues’ behalves and manage responses. 

Another important area of focus in the development of IceWarp 12.2 was the interoperability with Microsoft Outlook included in the Office 365. Specifically, the developers made sure the latest Outlook Sync supports all the new features, including email delegation right in the Outlook. In addition, its installer was streamlined to better support deployment in enterprise Windows environments. 

IceWarp 12.2: A cloud-first release

Cloud was a major area of focus in the development of the new release. While on-premise deployment is still a fully supported and very viable option, IceWarp significantly streamlined its cloud infrastructure, making 12.2 available as a reliable cloud service for both new and existing customers. In particular, existing customers will appreciate the opportunity to migrate their on-premise deployments to IceWarp Cloud. This way, they gain long-term savings of both operations and capital expenses. And more importantly, their IT experts are free to focus on value-added business initiatives rather than wasting time with mundane administration tasks. 

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