Bahrain data center

We have launched our 6th cloud computing hub in Manama (Bahrain), further expanding the global outreach after successfully launching in Prague (Czech Republic), Reston (USA), Nurenberg (Germany), Milan (Italy), and Ede (the Netherlands). This service upgrade is highly praised by IceWarp’s customers from the region who now enjoy faster application responsiveness, fully localized interfaces and support in their local language.

Wandering into the oriental territories wouldn’t have been possible without strong partners that share the same core values of technology innovation, delivering on performance for a competitive price, while underlining security and privacy. The whole operation is backed by Kalaam telecom, the country’s leading managed solutions provider, who is offering advanced Internet, data, voice, ICT, cloud and security solutions. The local sales and customer support operations are under the supervision of Pramod Sharda, CEO of IceWarp and Middle East, who has been with IceWarp for over a decade.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has about the same population as the capital city of Czech Republic where IceWarp has its development offices. It’s the strategic location on an island in the Persian Gulf of the Arabian sea that makes it an ideal waypoint to other countries of the GCC economic area (Gulf Cooperation Council) that are on our list in the continued mission to being closer to our customers, no matter where they are.

Head on to to find out more or read the whole press release in Bahrain This Week.

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