Fly Away from the On-Prem Past and Migrate to the Clouds

As spring lazily transitions into summer, birds all over the world intuitively know when it’s time to migrate home. But is the way your company stores emails just as intuitive? These migrating birds won’t stay stuck to the ground, or shall we say, “on-premise”, forever. Rather they’re soaring high in the sky and heading straight towards, you guessed it, the Cloud.

“To Migrate or Not to Migrate”

“Out with the old and in with the new.” This simple phrase has companies all over the world wondering if they’re not falling behind. Advancements in technology wait for no one, but does that mean it’s time to jump ship from storing all of your company emails on-prem and migrate to business email on the cloud with IceWarp? What would a switch like that even entail, and what are the advantages of doing so?

The Basics

First and foremost, let’s quickly cover “on-prem” and “the cloud”. The old-school way companies archive all of these potentially millions of emails is on their own self-operated, on-premise server (hence “on-prem”). Although, some might like the idea of running their own show and keeping everything “in-house”, operating your own on-prem email server comes with a myriad of challenges.

And how’s IceWarp’s cloud solution any different? Cloud email offers all the email tools you’re already used to but gives you access to them over the internet. No physical server required. Just like you use any other cloud-based service (Facebook, pictures on your iPhone, etc.), you can do the same with your company’s emails, which frees you up from dealing with things like security, updates, maintenance, etc., because these are all handled by IceWarp, not you.

The Bottom Line

“Okay, so going from a physical server to data magically being stored in the sky does sound pretty futuristic, it must cost a fortune, right?” Luckily, that isn’t the case at all. You’ll see a cut in operation costs immediately by no longer needing to run your own on-premise solution. When all your important information is stored in the cloud, you can wave goodbye to expensive data centers. And the best part? With IceWarp’s cloud email, you only pay for what you use!

Safe and Sound

As the potential for this technology became apparent, cloud IT service providers made enormous investments in cloud security. And going even further, storing your business emails online means they’re always safe no matter what happens to your own physical machinery. If every computer in your company suddenly bursts into flames (hopefully that never happens), you won’t lose a single piece of data. The same can’t be said about on-prem servers.

Scale or No Scale?

Cost, check. Security, check. But what about scalability? By switching to IceWarp’s cloud solution, you can finally rid yourself of the shackles that tied you down to your physical email server. With the cloud, scaling up and down has never been easier. Has your company grown exponentially in scope within the past year? Then simply upgrade your emailing needs without needing an actual IT engineer to come and physically access your server.

Just imagine shifting all the resources, time, and money (maybe you even have a dedicated on-prem IT team) to generating revenue instead of maintaining a bygone system. And don’t forget about faster deployment. IceWarp’s cloud-based services can be deployed within a single hour or in a matter of days (depending on the size), instead of the typical weeks, months, or even years it would take to strategically plan, buy, build, and implement an on-prem server infrastructure.

Time for an Upgrade

And last but not least, the cloud has the advantage of support, upgrades, and updates. In a lot of ways, this is the most important point for on-prem supporters, because it highlights the difficulty of monitoring the day-to-day health of your system. With on-prem, you often don’t even know your service has a problem until that problem makes itself very aware to you.

The IceWarp cloud service is constantly being monitored by our 24/7 support team, and you can leave all the upgrades and updates to them. This really is what many users love the most: they can simply forget about email storage and go about their business. Leave the support, maintenance, and everyday operation up to our team of experts, and just focus on the things that make you money.

Am I Too Big to Migrate?

Those are just a few of the many reasons thousands of businesses a year are making the switch from on-prem to the cloud. But what about the actual migration process itself? Isn’t it complicated, will I lose any of my already-stored data, and is it expensive?

The cloud migration process is unique to every business. Some companies are big and have seemingly endless amounts of data to transfer, while others are smaller and less complex. Either way, IceWarp also has its own team of specialists that do nothing but help people migrate from on-prem to our cloud-based service. In fact, we love data migration so much, we’ve already written an entire article about it: IceWarp’s Magical Data Migration.

Migrating for a Better Tomorrow

As technology continues to progress, it seems like pretty much everything is entering the online space. And for good reason. As hard as it may be, it’s time to say goodbye to your on-prem server (and its hardware issues) for good.

No 21st-century business has time for the challenges of running on-prem email servers. Instead, it’s time to make the switch. IceWarp’s cloud-based service, alongside its team of professionals, will welcome you with open arms and help you follow the birds’ example by migrating to the future.

Afraid of Getting Left Behind? Migrate to IceWarp’s Cloud-Based Service Today and Fly Higher Than Ever Before!

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