IceWarp’s Magical Data Migration

Moving day is the worst. Packing and loading all the boxes, forcing your family and friends to come lend a hand, eating with a spatula because you forget where your utensils are come lunchtime, and renting a moving truck, just to do it all over again at your new home… So just forget about all these troubles and learn how we’ll migrate your data to IceWarp before you say abracadabra.

It’s Just Like Magic!

Well, the IceWarp genie in a bottle is at your service! Now, given that IceWarp is a highly collaborative online office solution and not actually a moving company, you’ll find it to be much more helpful in migrating your business data than packing your clothes and furniture. But this genie still comes with three wishes, so let’s see exactly what kind of magic we have in store for you!

Your 1st Wish

Because you’re tired of your company’s outdated and clunky business tools, you’re looking to migrate to something fresh. And so, as you rub the IceWarp lamp for the first time, what wish do you want to come true?

“Oh powerful IceWarp genie, I wish a professional team of experts would just migrate all my company’s data for me, and that I won’t have to worry about a thing!

And your wish is IceWarp’s command. Our enchanting Migration Team does all the “heavy lifting” for you. They start by assessing your data prior to migration and using that assessment to ensure zero data loss during transfer.

Are you migrating to IceWarp from Exchange, G Suite, Office 365, or any other disinterested corporate solution? IceWarp can take all your domains, emails, contacts, documents, calendars, etc., and set them up in its own solution before you even blink.

Your 2nd Wish

“Okay, so IceWarp can migrate my data from any commonly-used business solution, but my business can’t afford to shut down for multiple days during the transfer process. Almighty IceWarp genie, I wish for data migration with minimal downtime!

Wish fulfilled. IceWarp wouldn’t dream of dragging out assisted data migrations. Here, speed is just as important as accuracy. We know that every minute you’re company isn’t up and running is a minute of wasted profits. That’s why the first step prior to any migration is its validation – we take a sample of your data, try the whole process, and iron out any possible issues prior to the moving day.

Our migration tools are designed to migrate multiple items at once, thus accelerating the entire process even more. And just to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, the Migration Team also organizes the transfer schedule according to your needs and workload. Even while your data is actively migrating, you can still uphold all your business requirements.

Your 3rd and Final Wish

As tempting as it is, the IceWarp genie isn’t going to allow you to use your third wish to wish for unlimited wishes (that’s covered in the IceWarp Magic Lamp SLA under the Decree of Unlicensed Multiple Wishes). But that doesn’t mean you won’t get everything you need out of this magical process.

“For my third and final wish, dear IceWarp genie, I wish for proper testing, to ensure all my data has migrated successfully!

Even this concluding wish isn’t too much for IceWarp. What’s the point of having your data migrated to a new office solution if something goes wrong along the way or some of your data never reaches its final destination?

Initially, automated tools are used to migrate your company’s data to IceWarp. But the process doesn’t stop there. We have a team of detail-oriented engineers who constantly monitor the situation, ready to jump in at any time to fix potential deviations. This testing procedure guarantees every piece of data finds its new home at Icewarp!

Magical Migration is Real

It looks like some wishes really do come true. Maybe not when it comes to moving day… there’s no special IceWarp spell to get all your furniture packed but there is for migrating your data to a better business solution.

We know how daunting switching your entire company to a new office solution can be, which is why we made every effort to ensure a seamless switch. Don’t stick to your old routine simply because the thought of migrating your data seems scary. All it takes is a little sprinkle of IceWarp magic, and your data moving day will be over before you can even get the genie back in its bottle!

Don’t Believe in Magic? SHAZAM! IceWarp’s Magic Data Migration Will Have You Seeing the Light in No Time!

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