Fighting Goliath with an IceWarp-ISP Partnership

Tired of being pinned down by the Google and Microsoft titans of the online business space? Luckily, with IceWarp on the scene, ISPs can steer away from these pricy Goliaths and join forces with David instead. IceWarp is the affordable team of giant slayers…so which side are you fighting for?

David vs Goliath

Surely we’ve all heard the tale of David and Goliath countless times. The underdog beats the enormous competitor by sheer determination and accuracy. And that’s the exact story of IceWarp vs all the tech mega-companies.

It’s actually IceWarp’s size that acts as its biggest advantage. If you’re an ISP, partnering with us brings a plethora of benefits you won’t find on Office 365, Zimbra, Exchange, or anywhere else. Let’s see exactly what this David has up his sleeve.

Are the Business Tools the Same?

The biggest concern for any ISP when switching from one of the far-reaching conglomerates to a smaller solution provider is whether they will still be able to offer the same business tools their customers are used to.

With IceWarp’s all-in-one platform, you get to pick and choose exactly what you want to offer to your customers. And you only pay for what you use. Gone are the days of paying for an entire costly solution only for your customers to use half of what’s on offer. Now they can enjoy all business email and collaboration, TeamChat, online document editing and sharing, calendaring and time management, singularly-located administration, video-conferencing, storage, and much more all from the same dashboard!

Every David Needs a Shield

So, your customers get access to a cost-effective business tool that integrates every app they use on a daily basis but it also comes with built-in security. Just as David needed armor to protect himself, so does your customers’ private and corporate data.

IceWarp solves the challenge of providing excellent security by combining world-class, multi-threaded Anti-Virus with multi-layered Anti-Spam protection. An online business tool is only as good as its weakest link, and luckily for IceWarp, there are no chinks in this armor.

White-Label – A Business Tool That’s Actually Yours

And now on to maybe one of IceWarp’s best features for ISPs. Are you tired of providing your customers with a business solution that has “Google Apps” or “Microsoft” branding all over it? Then make IceWarp your own with its white-label option!

Finally, you can offer a product to your customers that actually features your own brand name, colors, logo, etc. Not only will this help build brand awareness, but you can also feel better about providing a solution with your own “stamp of approval” written all over it.

Can Cheaper Really Be Better?

And the last, but probably most important reason why IceWarp is a better fit for ISPs is the price. IceWarp’s only-pay-for-what-you-use platform helps both you and your customers save. Depending on what plan you choose and how many people you have, the IceWarp solution could literally cost you mere pennies per user.

Aside from its customizable options, IceWarp also offers 4 pre-set plans providing various levels of storage and tools that could potentially fit your precise situation. As an ISP, if you come to your customers with a new product that offers everything they’re used to working with but now at a cheaper price… Well, you’ll end up being their ISP for life!

Price Comparison Tool

It’s time to take your business away from the tech giants and invest in your own company. Take advantage of IceWarp’s white-label capabilities, create your own personalized website, offer effective business tools to your clients, and only pay for what you want, and not what you don’t. And if you’re still not convinced IceWarp has what it takes to compete with the big boys, check out this price comparison to see for yourself.

Become an IceWarp Partner

Few believed in David when he first stepped before the enormous Goliath, but we all know how that story ended. Now you too have a chance to get on board with this underdog and become part of the fight for a better business tool experience. Don’t side with the giants, make the switch to IceWarp, and create a better user experience for your customers!

Tired of Goliath Controlling What You Offer as an ISP? Then Become the Provider Your Customers Want by Partnering with IceWarp!

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