Data Privacy Matters – How IceWarp Cares So You Don’t Have To

“Cyber attacks and phishing and malware, oh my!” Are data privacy issues important, or are they simply a topic full of trendy buzzwords that scare you online? Luckily, IceWarp got to the bottom of data privacy long ago – and now so can you.

What Is Data Privacy?

Data privacy is a broad subject that encompasses everything from accuracy and accountability to GDPR compliance and cloud storage audits. But, to put it in plain words, Data Privacy means one’s ability to determine when, how and to what extent their personal information is shared or communicated to others.

Every time you go online, you surrender data about yourself to whoever’s listening (and believe us, they’re listening). So whether you go online for work, using tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or just surfing websites like Facebook or Amazon, you’re imparting with a precious commodity: your personal data. And that means anything you click on, any pages you linger on longer than others, your IP address, your shopping cart, and much more.

“Yeah, But, Like, Who Cares?”

Okay, so what? What does it matter if these companies collect and store a bit of personal information about you?

Well, that’s the big question. Of course, some people couldn’t care less if some faceless organization knows what shoes they’re buying or what vacation they’re planning. It all just equals better-targeted ads, right?

Actually, it’s so much more than that. Not only does everyone have a basic right to their own personal data, but protecting it also means securing your information online and preventing any unauthorized access. This translates to limiting how much of your data is collected and tracked, which safeguards you from all sorts of online nastiness like fraud, manipulation, hacks, blackmailing, stalking… you name it.

IceWarp’s #1 Priority

At IceWarp, our users’ data privacy takes precedence over all. That’s why we NEVER, under any circumstance, share your personal information. Not for ads, not for third-party companies, not to improve our services. Simply, never. All of the data you create and share amongst your colleagues while using IceWarp is yours and yours alone.

But just because we never share your data doesn’t mean that a random-totally-not-a-hacker person in the black hoodie and sunglasses on the same public WiFi as you isn’t trying to steal it. That’s why we use data encryption to protect all of your incoming and outgoing messages and documents from potential interception. And IceWarp also provides clearance levels, allowing you to assign access only to those you trust while weeding out all nonessential personnel.

Fully Certified

We didn’t stop there, however. When doing business in today’s modern world, you must also protect yourself from data privacy regulations and laws. Not only because not doing so could result in possible fines or penalties but because securing your employees’ and coworkers’ personal data is simply the right thing to do. Everybody deserves to feel safe when disclosing any kind of private data within an occupational setting.

With these specific regulations in mind, IceWarp sought out and acquired an array of data privacy certificates. These accolades include:

Automatic Compliance & an Unshakable EULA

But what do all these compliances and certificates mean for you and your company? To put it plainly, what’s ours is yours. By implementing the IceWarp solution, your business automatically receives the full protection of every regulation and credential listed above.

Why invest time and resources into trying to achieve these compliances on your own when they immediately apply to you simply by using the IceWarp service to run your business? Talk about two birds… 

And last but not least, IceWarp users are also protected by our End-User License Agreement. The EULA is included in the root installation archive of every downloaded AND online instance of IceWarp software. This acts as a final safety net, threatening consequential legal action against any users who breach the unavoidable License Agreement by attempting to misuse the software or its information in any way.

Let IceWarp Take the Wheel

Users’ online data represents a “modern gold rush” for many less-than-reputable companies. It’s all about who can collect the most, the fastest, and use it the most efficiently to make an extra buck. And that extra buck typically comes from them selling every little piece of information they can gather on you.

Data privacy matters because everybody on this planet has an inalienable right to their information. Just because you use a service doesn’t give that corporation the right to use it without your knowledge or consent. But, hey, if we haven’t managed yet to convince you to protect your private information at all costs, you can still rest easy. Because IceWarp will do it for you.

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