6 Reasons Why You Need IceWarp in the Healthcare Sector

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The healthcare sector generates over 19 terabytes (yeah, with a ‘t’) of clinical data each year. That means every hospital, medical office, and healthcare facility must care not only for patients’ physical well-being but also their private health information. And that’s where we come in. But what exactly can IceWarp do for the healthcare sector?

How Can IceWarp Help You?

The biggest priority for any healthcare organization is healthy patients. And that’s precisely how it should be. The more time you have to focus on treating the needy, the less time you need to dedicate to PHI security, following the GDRP, and HIPAA compliance.

And to make things even easier for you, we’ve prepared a list of 6 ways IceWarp will help your healthcare-related business organize, archive, and protect the most sensitive data.

#1 | Zero IT Skills Required

IceWarp is an all-in-one, collaborative business tool providing everything a medical staff could ever need. An in-browser dashboard, business email, TeamChat, face-to-face conferencing, comprehensive Office documents, and more.

This easy-to-use system allows everyone from nurses and doctors to DPOs and health information managers to do their job without the laborious task of learning an entirely new program. With IceWarp, you can keep the flow of information smooth without compromising security.

2 | Private Cloud Storage for Healthcare Customers

Time to throw out those old filing cabinets and move your patients’ sensitive data to the cloud. But not just any cloud – a 100% private cloud storage that is sealed using its own private instance.

This level of security essentially creates a brick wall of protection between highly sensitive information and your facility’s other, less weighty healthcare data.

3 | No Data Mining

Unlike its competitors, IceWarp isn’t a marketing or media agency. Similar products provided by the likes of Google and Microsoft are great if you enjoy having your data mined. These corporations then use this information to improve the advertisements you receive based on the content of your healthcare emails.

IceWarp doesn’t do this, nor will it ever. As we stated above, your healthcare data is completely your own. We don’t mine it, we don’t decode it… we never even see it. So when it comes to IceWarp and private healthcare data (or any data, for that matter), you’ll be the only one holding all the keys.

4 | Compliance and Data Governance

Storing sensitive healthcare information securely isn’t only the right path to take but also the legal one. Laws and ordinances like the GDRP, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more have struck fear into the hearts of anyone unprepared for years now.

That’s why the IceWarp Cloud comes with Archiving and other basic functionalities that fully meet the rigorous healthcare data protection requirements. When using IceWarp, you can finally enjoy certified protection as common practice.

5 | 24/7 Cloud Support and Dedicated Migration

365 days a year, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day. That’s our Cloud Support Team’s availability time. Things can change in the healthcare sector at the flip of a dime, which is why IceWarp ensures you’ll always get the help you need, exactly when you need it.

And that same idea also carries over to migration. We know that making the switch from whatever provider or system you use can sound daunting, which is why we created our full-service Cloud Migration Team. Their one and only job is to make sure all your stored data gets transferred quickly and securely while also getting you up to speed on all the new features you now get to enjoy with IceWarp.

6 | Double Your Savings

You heard that right. IceWarp truly costs ½ as much as a subscription to other providers. Not only can you enjoy all of the same features and increased cloud security, but now you can save half of what you’re used to paying.

IceWarp even has multiple hosted and self-hosted payment subscriptions that you can mix and match to ensure you’re only ever paying for the space and features you’re actually using. And don’t worry, these plans can cover any healthcare organization, whether you need literal terabytes (yep, the one with the ‘t’ again) of file storage or as little as 20GB.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Sound too good to be true? If you have experience with any other business tool solution, then we can understand your hesitancy. But you wouldn’t be the first to make the jump to IceWarp.

A perfect example of one such satisfied client is Highlands River Behavior Health, one of Georgia’s largest behavioral healthcare providers. After making the switch to IceWarp, this provider has been able to focus less on data security and everyday IT tasks related to information storage and focus more on their core business – their patients. Check out this quick video to hear the testimonial in their own words.IceWarp and Healthcare Go Hand in Hand

To put it shortly, IceWarp was made for the healthcare sector. No matter the specifics of your organization or facility, you’ll find all of the tools, compliances, and protection you need right here.


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