Coming in 2019

Last year, we’ve launched two new apps, many regular updates and brand new features like two-factor authentication or revolutionary integration of email with TeamChat. This year, we want to ramp up the production even more.

So what to expect this year? We are preparing three major updates, each bringing new features. For example collaborative editing of documents so you and your team can work on the same document at the same time. Or apps like TeamChat for iOS or Desktop Office for MacOS. The first update is coming in spring already!

For the first time ever you will have the opportunity to test all the news and updates even before the official release. We are rolling out the IceWarp Beta program. Soon we will release steps how to take part in it. We are already looking forward to inviting you to try TeamChat for iOS in the upcoming days!

The biggest revelation of the year will be absolutely brand new product GedAI. Despite its name it doesn’t mean we are expanding to the big-screen industry but to data processing. GedAI stands for General data AI and you will get it as a part of your IceWarp email server or as a stand-alone product. GedAI will help you with data archiving, search and retention and with GDPR reporting which is mandatory since last year due to EU regulations. More details coming soon so stay tuned!

Cloud is the direction where the whole industry is heading now. That’s why we continue upgrading and growing our datacenters network. We are working on launch of new one in the Middle East and hopefully we will have more information for you soon. Also we are preparing new onboarding to explain how to set everything up and how to use it in the best way possible.

However this doesn’t mean we have sidelined the On-Premises solution. Last year we committed ourselves to continue developing this solution by launching the new flexible Subscription model and we will work on this the same way as on cloud solution.

The changes won’t be only on your frontend but expect some new features for your WebAdmin as well.

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