The Ultimate in File-Sharing Security

Smart Attachments by IceWarp – The only file security feature of its kind available anywhere today!.

100% Control Over Sent Files

The second you click “send” on a file, your only option is to trust the recipient, right? Luckily, those days are over.

Introducing Smart Attachments, the only file security tool available today offering 100% control over the files you send. This feature applies to anything you share, allowing you to determine who has access to which files and for how long. Now, you can send files with custom expiration dates, effectively closing the door on data that typically would stay open long after a project is done.

Smart Attachments also allow you to specify exactly who has access to a shared file and who doesn’t, helping you to prevent the most common form of a data breach. You’ll never again have to hear about how a sensitive file you sent to one co-worker quickly ended up in somebody else’s mailbox without your consent.

And to make tracking all sent files easier than ever, this feature provides precise geolocations of where your shared files were opened as well as the recipient’s IP addresses. Keep an updated overview of your files all over the world and ensure they’re only ever opened in locations you know about.


Even More Custom Protections

You would think file-sharing expiration dates, a global tracking feature, and access permissions would be enough, but IceWarp’s Smart Attachments offer even more customizable safeguards.

Have you accidentally shared the wrong file, or does the recipient no longer work for the company? Instead of retroactively trying to recover the company data, simply revoke access to any and all shared files. Crisis averted.

Another way to protect the files you share is by locking them tight with custom passwords. You can add a password to any file you want and ensure only those you trust most receive the access code.

And that’s not all. You can expect even more protective features coming soon, including a Read Only & a Read+Edit rule for shared files and geolocation locks.

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