Success story: Big Sandy Medical Center

Nestled in the far north of Montana’s wild mountain ranges ⛰️, the @Big Sandy Medical Center had more than bears 🐻 and winter storms ❄️ to worry about: it was also bogged down by a severely limited emailing service with zero functionality. 😱

And that’s when IceWarp stepped in. Now, this essential medical center can communicate better and provide its rural community with the best healthcare services available far and wide. 💪

Check out our latest case study and discover how you too can customize your company’s business tools and 👋 goodbye to the needlessly expensive M365, Google G Suite, and whoever else. It might not protect you from bears or frostbite 🥶, but IceWarp can sure save you from overpaying and wasting resources! 💰

Read the success story here

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