Subscription model for On-Premises


We have revealed it this Spring, now we are releasing it.

The Subscription model for On-Premises deployment.

Hosting an email server on your own hardware usually means you have to plan a whole year ahead. What modules you want to use and how many users for each of them. And you have to make one, quite significant, payment in advance. If you are a big company with stable number of employees and with enough cash to pay a whole year at once, it’s no problem. However, if you are a smaller, dynamic company or you need more flexibility, this isn’t very convenient.

So far, the monthly paid Cloud was the solution for this, but in case you wanted to use your own hardware, there was no such option. To fill in this gap, we created the Subscription model. It’s simpler and more flexible. You pay monthly and only for users you really used. So even if you jump from 200 to 300 or if you have to let go some people, Subscription model makes it easy.

Same with the management. So far you had to choose modules for whole year. Now there are only two user Tiers you can modify and combine just as you want. With Cloud all users have to be either Standard or Professional, but here you can have for example 100 Professional and 200 Standard.

Standard user for 2 USD/EUR has all the emails, messaging, online calendars and storage. Professional costs 3.60 USD/EUR and also gets TeamChat for real-time team collaboration and both online and offline Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations.

Get it on Subscription for SMB page.


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