Online Conferences + 2022 = BFFs

Does saving money while increasing the happiness of your employees sound like sci-fi? Not anymore – welcome to the world of remote shopping, exercising, and, most importantly, working. Introducing the realm of online conferences.

Let’s Talk Data

How does online conferencing make your life easier? That’s an excellent question! We dug through the research and made a summary of the findings so you don’t have to google everything yourself. If you’re interested in how business collaboration platforms improve productivity, have a look at our previous article. The TLDR is that your productivity increases by around 10% and, hopefully, my stock portfolio jumps on this trend as well.

Every Penny Counts

What does video conferencing do for your company’s wallet? Quite a lot actually. Here are some research numbers for you to ponder:

So, long story short, the most recent research clearly shows that video conferencing is the way to go for every company that wants to save some money in 2022. And who knows, maybe there’ll finally be room in the budget for a few nice office plants. Just make sure that someone pops in and waters them from time to time.

Happy As A Clam

It might not seem that way, but employees benefit from remote work just as much as employers. Having the flexibility to work from anywhere is proven to increase productivity, involvement, and happiness. And a happy bee is a busy bee, right? Let’s back this up with some more research:

  • In the last decade, the number of employees working from home at least once a week increased by 400%. (HubSpot)
  • 99% of employees would like to work remotely at least some of the time. (Buffer)
  • 83% of people working from home feel increased satisfaction from their jobs. (GetVOIP)
  • And 77% report increased productivity while working off-site. (CoSo Cloud)

How About Those Recordings?

We already saw that 22% of people are recording their online meetings, and this number increases every day. Why? Because it’s convenient and, quite frankly, very useful. Here are the most common use cases that you might still be doing the old-fashioned way.

Meeting Minutes

By recording the meeting, you can focus on the topic being discussed. Afterward, the recording can be shared with anyone who missed the meeting (or needs to see or review it), and it’s also a reliable source for clearing up any misunderstanding because it literally shows who said what word by word.

Hiring, Onboarding, and Training

Does your CEO, Team Leader, Head of HR, or any other interested party want to review a candidate you interviewed this morning? Well, instead of wasting their valuable time on the first selection round, they can now review each applicant at their own leisure, because you recorded the interview. Just remember that it’s a good practice to inform all attendees that you’ll record the meeting. A similar scenario applies to any onboarding and training process. 

Enter The Future With IceWarp

So that’s our case for online conferences, video meetings, connecting the globe… call it what you will. The important thing is that you try IceWarp Conferences, see that it’s the bee’s knees of today’s business collaboration, and stay because you actually feel happier and more productive. That’s our promise to you.


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