It’s so exciting to work on TeamChat ..

Hello everyone. I’m Adam, the CEO of IceWarp. I’d like to use this space to share some of our thoughts with you from time to time. It was a completely different environment when we started IceWarp. Back in 2002 our only focus was on email delivery, distribution and security. As our customer’s demanded more functionality, we added Groupware, planning, calendaring, mobile synchronization and instant messaging. However, over all of these years and changes we have been dreaming of something bigger – a tool that will allow teams to pull all of this fragmented data together. You’ve trusted us with your emails, we know your plans, we are familiar with your contacts and we store your files … Still, a key element was missing to effectively work with that data and collaborate in groups. Then TeamChat was born.

There are successful competitors in the market like Slack and Hipchat, but these tools are standalone cloud apps. They are additional communication channels but not complete collaboration solutions. Yes, they have and integration with Dropbox, but not their own storage. Yes, they may work with Google Apps, but none have email management. And that’s why working on TeamChat is so exciting. We have it all! We want to create a better chat that combines all of your data, plans and communications together. And more importantly we plan to have fun doing it…

TeamChat brainstorming.. :-)

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