IceWarp’s Plans For 2022

If you already use IceWarp in your company, Santa may have brought you some goodies to unwrap this year. And if you are thinking about improving team cooperation, listen closely – our plans for 2022 might be just the spice you need. So clutch your cup of eggnog tightly; we are hitting the road!

New Year’s Resolutions

We have exactly three resolutions for 2022:

  1. Release the first version of GEN3 during the first quarter, including the improvements to TeamChat and Conferences, such as lobby mode, whiteboards, and customized backgrounds, so you can express your true self (or entertain yourself by drawing giraffes while sitting in a meeting).
  2. Finalize the All-In-One concept on mobile devices, so you can carry all your work in your pocket (or leave it on your desk when going for a walk outside).
  3. Be there for you, our clients, which sounds cliché, but we truly believe in your feedback (and if we ever chatted, you know exactly what we mean).

As always, there are about two million little wishes and an undisclosed amount of ideas that we don’t even have yet. We’ll see what 2022 brings and adjust accordingly, but we have a vision to stick to. Do you?

2022 Highlighted Features

Besides the big three resolutions, we’d like to share a few more plans that’ll drop your jaw and keep your attention. So, what can you expect in IceWarp next year?

  • Complete dashboard customization. So you can see the important bits, such as notifications, instantly.
  • Redesign of the whole interface. Sorry, you’ll have to get used to a slightly new but way better looking design.
  • Introduction of the Notifications center. A new panel on the right side of your screen will tell you what you missed during your lunchtime.
  • Proper Task adaptation into the whole IceWarp ecosystem. Easily create, track, and share assignments with your team.
  • Support for a multi-window environment. For those rare fringe moments when you actually need a second tab to simultaneously follow several emails or the #cats thread on TeamChat.
  • Taking care of you, our customers. There’s a lot of stuff we want to share with you: webinars, 1:1 meetings, tutorials, and more.

As you probably guessed, our main goal is to improve the IceWarp functionality while giving you more freedom. That’s also why we aim to have all of our features available as microservices, where you select the components you want to use and connect them in one system. Unlike our competitors with closed ecosystems (just try connecting your Outlook with Google calendar), we want you to have a choice.

“Technology should work for people, not the other way around. Every system has to be simple, modular, and easy to use. Only then we can get to work.”

  • Adam Paclt, CEO

So how will your 2022 start? Might we recommend taking a free 14-day trial? Look around, collaborate with your team, hold a contest for the best dashboard layout, talk to us, and then decide that IceWarp is definitely the right tool for you.


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