IceWarp: Unlimited White-Label Customization

Not only does IceWarp WORK the way you want, but it can also LOOK the way you want! Let your creative juices flow and turn your IceWarp interface into a custom masterpiece!

Your Brand on Every Page

Want to take advantage of all of IceWarp’s many features but also want to make the place feel a little more “at home”? Then, the White-Label function is exactly what you need.

This easy-to-use tool allows you to make loads of visual changes to better fit your brand and its image. Not to mention, it’s 100% self-service, meaning YOU can scroll through the menu options and click the ones you like best; no outside help is needed.

Are your company colors red and blue? Then, customize the IceWarp interface with a wallpaper and color combination to reflect your brand. There are even varying “skin” options available, allowing you to change the entire appearance with a single click.

You can even tailor the smallest of details. Change the favicon to your brand logo so every employee can add the IceWarp dashboard to their favorites at the top of their browser. Then, do the same on the login page, with your company or brand logo featured front and center.

But the custom options don’t stop there. You can also add your logo to the conferences and meetings page, making it clear to everyone where you’re calling from and what company you work for.


Easy Point-&-Click White Label

In short, you can customize the entire UI, graphics, and overall design of IceWarp to match whatever you need. And since the menu system is so simple, you can make all changes by yourself and on your own schedule.

With IceWarp, there’s no reason you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Enjoy all the amazing features you’ve come to love now with your branding, colorways, and custom style on every page!

Experience True Creative Control by Trying IceWarp’s White Label 1 MONTH FREE!

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