IceWarp Partner Meetup

On September 30, 2021, IceWarp will be kicking off a series of partner events with a one-day Partner Meetup.

Join our webinar

In this online event we’ll focus on innovations in our partner channel. What’s special is that we’ll be using our own conferencing platform to host the entire event for the first time. While still a shorter and digital version of IceWarp’s annual events, it will be none the less accompanied by speeches from IceWarp’s top executives. The main focus of the event is finding new ways to energise the channel with exciting new approaches, strategies and success stories. The industry landscape is changing and we want to be a big part of that change, that’s why we’ll touch upon how to be successful against competing solutions and take advantage of all the fresh new features in order to reactivate customers who may still be just scratching the surface of what the product can do. At the same time we want to encourage and educate our partners in their transformation from software resellers into managed service providers.

Here’s a brief agenda:

  • Collaboration trends
  • High-level market strategies
  • Support improvements in Partner Channel
  • New Channel Team members presentation
  • Sales strategies for pitching against competitors
  • New e-commerce teaser
  • Brainstorming & Discussion

We’re all very much looking forward! Your IceWarp Team

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