IceWarp Partner Conference in Prague

A Day of Sharing, Strategizing, and Enjoying the Most Beautiful City in the World

On 16 May 2024, IceWarp held a special conference for its valued partners. The single-day IceWarp Partner Conference had plenty of unique experiences in store for attendees, including everything from thought-provoking presentations and discussions to recommendations on how to enjoy Prague, recently voted the most beautiful city in the world!. Let’s see exactly what went down at the IceWarp Partner Conference in Prague.

From Breakfast to Lunch

With everyone waking up at the luxurious 5-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel, both the partners and speakers felt extra refreshed and ready to launch the event! Adam Paclt, CEO of IceWarp, started the day with a welcome speech before moving directly into talks about the future of the company and what its partners can expect from IceWarp.

Next to take the stage was the CSO of IceWarp, Jan Urbík. With years of experience working for the big dogs, Jan shared his expert knowledge about the finer details of sales opportunities. Afterward, it’s safe to say the attendees had plenty to ponder and discuss while enjoying the well-deserved coffee break.

As soon as everyone was feeling sufficiently caffeinated, it was time for the CTO of IceWarp, Antonin Prukl, to take the stand. For an hour, he highlighted the exciting product innovations partners can expect to see from the company. But it was at this point that everyone was starting to feel a bit peckish, meaning it was time to enjoy some delicious local cuisine!

Until Dinner

When lunch was finished, and all networking talks were coming to a close, the partners got to hear from the CEO of IceWarp’s branch in India and the Middle East, the talented Pramod Sharda. Pramod went into detail on the best practices he and his team are putting to use on the other side of the globe.

His presentation then went straight into Michael Serences’ talks on IceWarp’s many support and services, ensuring the partners knew what sort of tools they currently have and will have at their disposal. After his thoughtful words, the IceWarp Partner Conference was winding down to its final discussions…but not before enjoying a calming tea break.

To close the show, the Head of Education and Presales, Lukas Pribyl, led the panel discussion, where everyone could get involved, asking questions and discussing answers. And last but not least, both the CEO and CSO retook the stage to wrap up the event, thanking everyone for coming and encouraging them to explore the wonderful city of Prague the following day.

An Event You Won’t Want to Miss

As the dinner bell rang, the conference was officially over. We want to thank all our incredible partners for coming, participating in the lectures, and sharing their own valuable insights. And with such an amazing backdrop as the city of Prague, we can’t wait to hold the IceWarp Partner Conference again in the future!

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