IceWarp & ChatGPT: the Future of AI-Assisted Work

35% of all businesses on the planet are using AI today, and now IceWarp is one of them.

The State of AI

I know what you’re thinking: “Not another article about AI…”. No matter where you look online, everyone’s talking about artificial intelligence this, early implementation that…

Looking at the present scenario by the numbers, you’ll see that AI is expected to eliminate as many as 85 million jobs by 2025! You’d then be relieved to hear that it’s also meant to create 97 million jobs, meaning we’re currently staring down the barrel of a tech revolution that could completely change our modern landscape.

It’s also been estimated that 9 out of 10 organizations support using AI as a competitive advantage. And in this race of algorithms and software, nobody wants to come up short.

ChatGPT Meets IceWarp

At IceWarp, we quickly recognized the potential of using AI tools directly in our application – text suggestions, brainstorming creative ideas, translations, instant context summaries, and so much more.

With over 180 million monthly users, ChatGPT was the best choice for integration with IceWarp. Although a paid option exists, ChatGPT is also completely free. Users simply need to create or log into their account and activate ChatGPT in the IceWarp settings, and they’re good to go.

Now, you can communicate with ChatGPT anywhere within the IceWarp interface, but that doesn’t mean the program can see your IceWarp data. By keeping the two separate, you can enjoy the benefits of ChatGPT’s suggestions and the information security you’re used to from IceWarp.

New Features

Let’s say you just activated your free ChatGPT account on IceWarp. What does that mean for your workload? In what ways can the AI help, and how can you get the most out of its ideas?

As many of us know, ChatGPT is a master at text generation. You can now use the AI to automatically suggest email replies, saving the time typically spent writing custom messages to everyone in your inbox.

Or maybe you’ve just received an extra-long TeamChat message or need a quick run-down of a lengthy Word doc? Simply copy and paste the text into the ChatGPT window, and the AI will generate an instant topic summary.

Another valuable way to capitalize on ChatGPT’s limitless knowledge is to bounce ideas off of it in quick and efficient brainstorming sessions. Use it to create new taglines, marketing slogans, project concepts… basically anything you (and it) can think of.

Even More New Features

Email replies, topic overviews, and brainstorming are great, but the innovations don’t stop there. Have you ever found yourself working in two or more different languages? Tired of going back and forth, either translating in your head or on a separate web page?

IceWarp is now multilingual! Thanks to its ChatGPT integration, you can translate texts in a flash, responding to emails from every corner of the world with native-speaker proficiency. This feature is also great for users looking to expand their business beyond any current language barriers.

In short, anything ChatGPT can currently do, you can now do the same while never leaving the IceWarp dashboard. We’re also developing new features that could be integrated with other tools and AI software. Imagine asking Dall-E to create the perfect image for your sales pitch or a personal artificial assistant that can manage your calendar. But all that is still in the not-so-distant future, so be sure to stick around for that.

The Future is Here

These are modern times, and AI has landed. Although this future may appear bleak to some, we also know there are countless ways that AI and IceWarp users can benefit greatly from one another.

Improved efficiency, immeasurable time (and cost) savings, more original ideas than ever… It’s safe to say the future is here. And now, with IceWarp and ChatGPT integration, we’re living in it and thriving in it!

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