IceWarp 12.2 BETA

For the first time ever, IceWarp invites you to test our new version before we release it to the public. Take part in improving IceWarp 12.2 by testing its pre-release version. You will have a unique opportunity to be the first one to see, experience and comment on our work. And we will appreciate if you let us know what you think.

To access the beta version please contact our support team.

What’s new in 12.2

TeamChat Mobile. Currently in beta, TeamChat Mobile is iOS companion app to desktop TeamChat. Collaborate with your team using all the handy features such as comments, pins, mentions and file sharing. Nobody will tell you’re following up on work from your iPhone. (iPad and Android support coming later.)
Your chats up to date. On every screen. Newly implemented support for the XMPP Carbons protocol ensures reliable sharing of conversation states between all the user’s clients.
Delegate your emails and make good use of your time. Delegate your incoming mail to a colleague or assistant to help you sort through it. They can now receive your email messages and meeting invites and respond on your behalf.


We expect you to have plenty of questions. To answer them, please refer to our FAQs or contact our support team.

Contact our support team to access IceWarp 12.2 beta now!

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