HASOWA launches IceWarp Cloud in Benelux

PRAGUE, Czechia – January 28, 2019 – IceWarp, global messaging and collaboration solutions provider, announced today it partnered with Hasowa B.V. to establish its presence in Benelux and further expand its cloud offering around the globe. Serving as IceWarp’s cloud provider and distributor in the Netherlands, Hasowa will operate IceWarp Cloud infrastructure out of its datacenter in the Netherlands, enabling customers and partners worldwide to store their data safely in the Netherlands in addition to existing options including Czechia, Germany, Italy and the USA.

“We are confident that with IceWarp, we’re bringing to the market a much richer full-featured workspace than alternative offerings such as Office 365 and G Suite while respecting privacy,” said Ronald Otto, CEO of HASOWA. “We expect that our current and future ICT partners will feel the same.”

Hasowa is set to launch its IceWarp Cloud offering at https://www.icewarp.nl on January 28, 2019, focusing on marketing and business development in the Netherlands.

“Our partnership with Hasowa is an important milestone on IceWarp’s journey towards becoming a leading global provider of cloud collaboration and communication services,” said Maxim Akimov, Head of Channel at IceWarp.

“We clearly see that through cooperation with companies like Hasowa we are able not only to expand our business but also to provide best in class user experience to our customers,” added IceWarp’s CEO Adam Paclt.

IceWarp Cloud is an integrated suite of apps including Mail, TeamChat, Calendar, Contacts, Files and Documents, Tasks and Notes delivered as a cloud service. version 12It already offers a feature set directly comparable with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite in a highly cost-efficient package that puts customer privacy and control first. In addition, it supports all the relevant industry standards to facilitate interoperability with various client apps and operating systems.


HASOWA is a Dutch company that distributes selected hard- and software.  With a highly trained technical staff, HASOWA delivers reliable services to their customers and ICT partners. HASOWA combines excellent products with their expert knowledge of pricing models, licensing models, internet, security and invoicing to achieve an optimal customer experience.

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