G Suite Turns G Sour, But Can IceWarp Save the Day?

June 1st is meant to be a joyous holiday, celebrating the blossoming of spring, with dancing, singing, and cake for everyone! And so it feels extra hurtful that Google would choose this festive occasion to banish all of its free G Suite legacy users… Where are they all going to go? How will they keep track of their business? And, most importantly, will there be any cake left?

Ring the Funeral Bells

G Suite legacy free edition is dead. No ifs, ands, or buts. Anyone currently using the tool is now facing the ultimatum of either upgrading to the pricy Google Workspace or seeking out a new provider altogether.

And in steps IceWarp! Given that we’d never turn our backs on our customers, this is our time to shine. IceWarp not only offers all the features G Suite users are used to, it does it in a single window, hosts on its own server, and provides locally-based customer support. Imagine calling in for help and actually talking to a human. Go figure!

The IceWarp Offer

Not a bad deal, right? But what exactly are these “features” that make IceWarp such viable competition? For starters, IceWarp offers:

  • Business email that is more like a virtual office, perfect for remote work thanks to its secure cloud solution.
  • TeamChat for communicating in organized projects, uploading files, tagging coworkers… basically everything you’ve come to expect from a chatting service tool.
  • Installation-free conference calls that run in your browser, plus screen sharing, real-time chat, moderators, you name it.
  • Document collaboration including all of the Office suite favorites: Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations, oh, my!

The Clock is Ticking

With the June Day End-My-Free-Business-Tools Parade making its way to a town near you, the time to make the switch is knocking at your door. “But won’t migrating my entire business communication setup to IceWarp be complicated? What about all my files, emails, and everything else I’m used to?

IceWarp has a dedicated customer service team who contractually aren’t allowed to sleep until you’ve successfully migrated (that may be a bit of a stretch…). Our team knows how daunting the idea of uprooting your entire business from one tool to another can be, but you can rest easy while in their hands. They’ll get you up and running before anyone at work even notices the change.

Okay, so migrating tools is a breeze, but there’s always a catch, right?” If you were talking about Google Workspace, then yes, there definitely is a catch. For instance, G Suite may have been “free” this whole time, but did you know that Google’s been collecting and selling your data every step of the way? As the saying goes, “If it looks too good to be true…”. You know the rest.

This David is Starting to Look More Like a Goliath

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “This all sounds well and good, but what about the most important factor: Money? Is IceWarp’s price that much better?

Just to really drive this point home, let’s lay out the prices (as well as other advantages) in a good old-fashioned comparison table to see exactly how well IceWarp stacks up against Google Workspace.

IceWarp Pricing

(all prices and storages are per user, per month)

Lite Standard Pro
$2.50 $3.90 $7.90
5GB Email, 20GB File storage 100GB Email, 1TB File storage 500GB Email, 5TB File storage

Make sure to check our pricing page to see all the great stuff included in each package.

Google Workspace Pricing

(all prices and storages are per user, per month)

Starter Standard Plus
$5.06 $10.13 $16.88
30GB File storage 2TB File storage 5TB File storage

Numbers Don’t Lie—Neither Do the Tools

It doesn’t take a business genius to know paying DOUBLE to even TRIPLE the price for a business tool you can easily find elsewhere is simply crazy. Without a doubt, IceWarp offers every feature your company can’t run without at way less than half the price you’d pay with Google.

As mega-corporations just continue to grow and dominate the market, many users are starting to recognize the advantages of taking their business to companies with actual boots on the ground and roots in the community.

How’s the saying go again? “Buy locally, not globally.” IceWarp is a locally-owned company based out of Prague, Czech Republic, and it assigns actual human (at least we hope so 😉) account managers that you can talk to on the phone whenever you need.

The First Step to a Brighter Tomorrow

So, what are you waiting for? Just like G Suite is removing all of its free users, IceWarp has effectively removed all of the obstacles from your path toward migrating to a better solution. Still unconvinced? Not if our Free 14-day Trial has anything to say about it!

Let’s do some spring cleaning this June 1st and make the switch to IceWarpyour wallet and team members will thank you for it.

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