Elevator Pitch In Dubai

When was the last time you had to introduce yourself live to a real person? We practiced the hell out of this art before leaving for GITEX GLOBAL, and it was well worth it.

Why Dubai?

Get an excellent telecom service with an email tool or mailbox hosting for free! This customer acquisition strategy pays off in the Middle East, and you bet we’re a part of it. So paint the ready-made IceWarp tool in your colors, brand it, and offer it to your clients as a useful value-added service. Partnership with huge telecommunication companies means we both get new clients as a result – that’s why this year’s GITEX isn’t our first rodeo.

We aim to provide complex solutions in a simplified manner. With over 1100 resellers and partners that rely on us to stay ahead of the technology and value curve, I believe IceWarp fits in perfectly.”

Hannes Viljoen, CEO of ICTGlobe.com

IceWarp Meets GITEX, Again

As with every year since 2014, we packed our bags and left for Dubai a few days prior to GITEX. Why? Because it’s 40°C on average in the UAE and coming from the north, our whole team needed a few days to get used to the scorching heat. And they say that winter is coming… With the team acclimatized and icy drinks in our hands, we set up the IceWarp booth and were ready to rock!

The Pitch

First, as well as the most enjoyable, was the face-to-face contact we had with everyone who was attracted by the IceWarp booth. Or maybe it was our team who did the luring – who knows? In any case, we didn’t record any of the informal conversations, but you can watch this video to get a pretty good idea of what we talked about.

We were also ready for the busy business people with no time to spare – just grab this brochure and browse through it anywhere at your own leisure.

And it all came down to the third pitch that was prepared especially for our Middle East Partner Meet. The topic was quite perfect for a breakfast meeting – Let’s Get Future Ready Together, since the morning with a coffee in your hand is the ideal time to ponder your plans for the day, week, or even decade. Chaired by our own CEO for India and the Middle East, CSO, and VP Channels, we really got the future ready.

If you have some more time to spare, make sure to watch at least this short clip to feel a bit of the future vibe.

What Does The Partner Say?

During the whole week, we talked a lot. But we listened even more because your questions tell us what to improve in our presentation for the next event. So let’s answer the 3 most frequently asked questions from GITEX:

  • Where are you based? Our main office is in Prague, Czech Republic, and that’s where you can talk to our developers when you visit.
  • What are the main advantages of IceWarp over the other available solutions? Apart from the awesome interface and unbeatable price, let’s highlight our customer service. We’re in touch with all our clients and if you’re struggling, you know who to call.
  • Do you sell IceWarp directly or do you have Partners Network? It’s a combination of both in order to globally support all customers.

And, in the spirit of listening, let’s hear from the awesome partners we had the privilege to meet in Dubai.

Our revenue is a solid base ground for growth, as we always seek technology leaders out there and we believe IceWarp is one of them.”

Renjan George, Managing Director of DVCOM

Our strength and presence in Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia is solid base ground for growth with partners like IceWarp in messaging and collaboration areas.”

Srinivasan Arumugam, Director Of Commercials at Kalaam Telecom B.S.C

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