3 Ways to Take Remote Efficiency to the Next Level

Even as some CEOs try to convince workers to return to the office, you’ll find that most people prefer working remotely. Here are 3 TOP ways to stay on top of this trend while taking your team’s remote work efficiency to new heights!

Productivity Tricks of Old

Before the monumental rise in remote work, productivity and worker efficiency took a more hands-on approach. Unfortunately, as many of us can probably testify, this approach often reared its ugly head in the form of micromanaging, holding way too many meetings, and unwanted rewards like half-hearted office parties.

But that’s just the way things used to be. The stereotypical, old-school boss is constantly breathing down your neck, making sure everyone’s meeting their quotas on time and threatening to demote or remove team members who fall behind.

Lucky for us, stressful work environments like these are well out of fashion, replaced by positive company cultures and remote work plans. But we’ve still got projects to manage, tasks to complete, and – you guessed it – quotas to hit.

So, how can we remain as efficient as possible when everyone’s working on remote teams?

1) Organized Scheduling and Dashboard

The first step to ensure everybody’s on the same page is, well, to actually provide everyone with the same page. Or, in this case, the same dashboard. Implementing a business organization tool featuring an easy-to-follow dashboard and calendar lets every team member know who’s working on what and when it’s due.

A quality dashboard and calendar setup should also include extra features to increase remote efficiency. For instance, every team member’s dashboard should be linked to everyone else’s, allowing them to email or chat with each other from a single location – no more jumping from app to app or paying for multiple subscriptions.

2) Effortless Conference Calls

The weekly standup – it would seem there’s no way around it, even with remote teams.

However, there are several advantages to holding these meetings online. You can use an uncomplicated conference call tool that comes bundled together with the dashboard and calendar mentioned above. Keeping all of these online business tools in the same place increases efficiency tenfold.

And when it comes to the actual calls themselves, there’s no need to gather everybody in a room and bore them with logistics and corporate plans. No diddle-daddle or small talk is necessary when calling online.

Simply schedule a meeting, each team member joins from their remote location, you quickly discuss the items at hand, sharing your screen to help create better visuals, and then everybody can get back to work.

And one last bonus that conference calls have over traditional office meetings: With a push of a button, you can record the entire call and then send it to other team members who weren’t there or refer back to it later for additional insight.

3) Simplify Remote Accessibility

The third and final point is the most important of all when it comes to drastically improving remote work efficiency.

Because they’re not in the office, remote workers are only as good as the tools they have readily available. To improve productivity, every system used by your teams should be accessible to everyone, and not only on computers.

You’ll see the best results by adding multiple points of work accessibility. Remote workers are often digital nomads, so provide them with quality online business tools to use on their laptops, tablets, and even mobile devices. This will help them to always stay in the know, meaning they aren’t forced to find an internet cafe every time they need to edit a document or add feedback to a project.

The Best Tools for the Job

In summary, the #1 way to improve remote work efficiency is to provide every team member with a fully-featured, online business tool that can hit the road with them.

And IceWarp is precisely that. It has everything from an in-browser Dashboard and Calendar, collaborative Word Documents, and Smart Attachments, to an integrated Business Email with TeamChat, Conference Calls, and highly secure Cloud Storage.

IceWarp is precisely the business tool your remote team needs to take productivity to the next level, and it all comes at half the price of other major providers. Treat your employees to the tools they need to get their work done and create something they’re truly proud of!

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