A few observations from the Icewarp partner´s conference 2016

Icewarp hosted its 14th annual Global Partner Conference this week in Prague, Czech Republic, where more than 20 partners were gathered to hear Icewarp executives discuss the past year and to learn more about what is in plan for resellers in 2016/2017.

This partner conference was opened to all of our partners globally and we were pleased to welcome both, the long term cooperating partners (USA, India, China, Poland, Turkey, Sweden, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, France and more) and several new partners (Slovenia, Dubai) as well.

During the last three days of high-value networking, learning and sharing, we discussed a lot about technology innovations and new challenges for the upcoming months. Through this platform we offered to our partners opportunity to exchange their ideas and knowledge to find the best solutions for the current and potentional customers around the world.

The short overview of each presentation from the first two days:


Company CEO, Adam Paclt, summarized succesful year of 2016 that is almost over and revealed promising look to the future. Biggest plan for the upcoming year is release of new IceWarp Cloud version and strengthening of IceWarp´s sales team and global distribution network. During the presentation, he also described meaning of new company motto: Email – Storage – Real Time Collaboration. IceWarp introduced new ideas – File Sync, Mobile Chat App and desktop client for Real Time Conversations.

Development 1

IceWarp’s CTO, Tonda Prukl, spoke about new release that will be out at the end of year 2016. Main new functionalities are TeamChat improvements (including smiles, pins, comments and reactions), API extensions and advanced possibility to integrate IceWarp with third parties products.

Development 2

Mr. Prukl and Mr. Paclt presented what we are working on at the very moment. They revealed for the very first time look of new mobile chat app for iOS – we finally have a beta version for 1 to 1 chat conversation on your mobile. They also showed first generation of file sync that will allow synchronization of all files from WebClient to any device.


Mr. Prukl introduced new concept of customers and partners support. 24/7 approach was launched in the middle of 2016 and this will allow us release new plans and new ideas regarding extended support for IceWarp customers till the end of 2016.


Petra Novotna, COO of the company, has presented all marketing activities we are highly focused on at the moment including global exhibitions, social media and webinars. She shared experience and feedback from customers based on the customers webinars that are scheduled for each major release.


Head of Internal Sales, George Semotan, introduced integrations of multiple internal systems and development of business approach on major markets. He focused mainly on description of sales workflow, new product strategies and new ways of data management.
In the end of the presentation, Michal Burger, eM Client´s CTO, presented the new version of IceWarp Desktop Client v7.


Mr. Prukl showed how we have improved our own cloud infrastructure. Adam Paclt has added new pricing plans and offering we are going to release till the and of 2016 in North America and Europe. We are aiming at balanced storage, full back up across two nodes and possibility to sync to geographically distant location.

For the last day several workshops from each department were prepared for our partners. We started out the morning with the Support workshop and continued with Testing, Development, Graphic, Sales and finally Marketing workshop closed the whole day.

Finally, we would like to thank all our business partners for cooperation during the last year. Through their collaboration and support, we were able to adress many new customers and deliver Icewarp communication and collaboration solution to them.

Visit our website: https://www.icewarp.com/

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