The best way to send large files via email – SmartAttach

Users have different ways of getting around email attachment size limitations. There are a number of factors that can determine how large of an attachment a user can send, including MIME encoding and free space size in the recipient´s email account. If a user needs to send a larger attachment, uploading the file to a cloud storage service is usually recommended. IceWarp’s SmartAttach allows large file sending without cloud uploading.

How does it work? SmartAttach is powerful feature that lets you extract email attachments to groupware and replace them with URLs within email bodies. Pre-defined text with a link to the appropriate folder is added into an email body (its header or footer, respectively). Pre-defined text files can be in either HTML or plain text format. When a SmartAttach filter is active, this action is performed on both incoming and outgoing emails. Sending out large mailing lists with large attachments (up to 2GB) is not an issue any more.

In IceWarp WebClient a user can select the option to send a traditional attachment (usually best for small attachments) or to use SmartAttach when sending a large file. When a user uploads any attachment, SmartAttach table will appear in the bottom left corner of the message. After clicking on this field, the Attachments will be saved to user´s Documents and will be replaced by download links in the email body.

The default option is to send a standard attachment; to set the default to SmartAttach, an administrator must set up the usage of SmartAttach in the Administrator Options. It is also possible to set an attachment size limit when the SmartAttach service is allowed.

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