TeamChat – a real-time messaging and collaboration tool for teams & projects

Several days ago, IceWarp announced the release of version 11.4.1 which introduced a new direction for online communication by IceWarp TeamChat. TeamChat is an integrated collaboration tool for not only real-time chat in WebClient, available for users without paying for additional licensing.
This collaboration feature was developed especially for teams and projects. It has the familiar interface of a multi-user WebChat but extends it with file sharing, meetings, conference calls and much more. Let’s look at a couple key features.

Let’s start

As long as TeamChat is configured by the administrator, this feature is automatically available to all the users. After logging into WebClient, users will see new icon within the Navigation Pane between Mail and Calendar icons.

A blue dot over the icon means there are unread messages in one or more of your chat rooms. Next to every chat room it shows number of unread messages since your last visit.

Chat rooms

Chat rooms are organized into groups (such as by department) preset by the administrator. Click the plus icon next to a group (or in the bottom of the treeview as well) to create a room and then invite others. TeamChat users can also invite external guests. These guests are notificated by email that they are invited to join TeamChat and can click a Join The Team button, then sign in with their account details.
When you create or join any chatroom, you become a member of a public chat room that anyone can see and join. Anyone in your team can also invite you to a private chat room with content that is visible for members only.
As an administrator of a group you can Rename the chatroom, Manage members or Delete the whole chatroom by clicking the hamburger icon next to the chatroom name.

Chat, Files and more….

The main window is divided into 3 parts. The upper part contains folders where users can manage conversations, files and documents, events and members. All the items are displayed as a list. You can share links, accept/decline meetings and more directly from these lists. In the top right corner of the Files and Documents, Events and Members tab is a blue button with upload, create or invite options.
The middle part displays conversations (in the ChatRoom folder. But it depends on the folder you click – Files&Documents, Events or Members, in these cases you can see the lists of appropriate folder). So ChatRoom folder entries are ordered chronologically. Contributions from different days are separated by a horizontal bar with a time stamp. Contributions from foreign users are gray, while the background of your contributions is blue. To open a document, you can click its preview image in the chat area. You can also accept/decline a meeting, or join a conference call directly from a bubble in the chat area.Click a user’s photo and any message you type will be sent only to that user as a private message. This way you can talk openly and in private without even leaving the chat room.
In the bottom part you can find table where you type any message, as well as a plus icon. After clicking on the plus icon there is a drop menu that allows you to choose from several options like invite new guest, start WebMeeting, upload file etc. You can also use emoticons. The icon is placed on the right side of the message area. When you click on this icon, the palette of emoticons will appear. Use emoticons option is possible to find within WebClient options (Your avatar – Options – Chat – TeamChat).

Guest accountsTeamChat users can invite people from outside the organization. Guest accounts are created on the
server for these users and validated by email. Administrators can then manage these accounts from
WebAdmin or console. Guests don’t count as licensed users.

NotificationsIt is possible to selectively enable/disable TeamChat notifications in each room. Just manage the toggle of Notifications within the conversation area (top right corner). You can also disable sound notifications separately in the WebClient options menu.

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