Set up your own elements! White labeling in WebAdmin 11.4

White label options have been moved to the one central location for administrators to customize and personalize the look and feel of both the WebAdmin and WebClient.

Administrators have now full control over their IceWarp interfaces and can rebrand the WebAdmin and WebClient tools as if they custom made them. A wide range of options provides control of the appearance according to an administrator’s ideas and preferences. Using this feature, administrators are able to configure WebAdmin and WebClient preferences and change colors, logo, preset language or connectivity to social networks. They can also choose the default setup displayed to users.

The white label folder consists of 3 main parts:

1) WebAdmin skin and login screen
Within this section you can set up how WebAdmin looks inside and on the login page. Even the interface is customizable, including menus & buttons. You can upload your own logo, visible on the login screen. Supported image formats are: JPG, PNG, GIF and SVG. Maximum file size is 20Mb.

2) WebClient skin
Set up how WebClient looks on the inside. Here you have the same option as the WebAdmin skin – you can select from more than 10 colorful skins to match your company’s look. This will affect the color of buttons and category titles, etc.

3) WebClient login screen
The last main section allows you to set up how WebClient looks on the login page. You can also set your preferred interface to desktop/tablet, or define what will be written as the page title of all your IceWarp WebClient sites.

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