Real-time communication within IceWarp Webclient? Yes, we have WebChat!

Instant messages are still very popular and important for communication worldwide. IceWarp offers Webchat included with the standard license, giving users many options for communicating with contacts in realtime. In addition to chat, services like audio and video conferencing or file sharing are possbile in the chat roster, when composing and email, and more.

The IceWarp server WebChat provides secure and manageable instant messaging. All users can chat, transfer files and join group conferences using a secure protocol. There is no need to integrate anything else. If an administrator enables IM in the administration interface, you can absolutely use all the advantages of IM for free.

Let‘s explore the most important features of WebChat:


The integrated messanger delivers instant messages and server notifications. The WebChat interface includes a list of contacts, a bottom-docked contact search bar, a special button that when clicked shows available contacts only, as well as a plus icon for adding a new contact. The colored bullets partially overlay the contact´s picture, indicating status of the contact: green – available, red – do not disturb, orange – not available, grey – offline.
All messages are saved in a history so you can always go back in time and find any message from the past. In 11.4 a new feature highlights an active chat by a blue bullet overlaying the contact´s picture and the contact is moved to the top of the chat roster. To make more space for the email messages, you can select from several options to minimize or hide the WebChat roster.

Audio & Video calls

Dialing integrated with presence status makes setting up a personal call or conference call easy, no need to leave the email or chat window. The client is available on Windows/Linux/Mac and doesn’t depend on additional software or plugins.
Within v11.4 a new feature is available: fullscreen video mode for screensharing and video calls. To fill the entire screen, use the controls provided for video content in your browser (different in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)


With this tool you can increase collaboration and productivity in your team. External contacts not in your network can connect to a meeting through one-time web access, or they can call in to a provided dial-in number. Just right click on the contact and select WebMeeting from the popup menu.

File sharing

This option allows you to quickly and easily share any file with a selected contact. You just need to click the person you want to send a file to in your contact list. In the menu click Send File and select the file you want to send. You have two options for selecting the file: upload the file or simply drag and drop. If the contact is offline, the file will be received after they sign in.

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