Outlook Sync crashing after Windows 10 Creators Update

Dear customers,
It’s been several weeks since Microsoft made its Creators Update for Microsoft Windows 10 available. This update was gradually pushed-out to users worldwide and many of them have encountered various technical issues during and after the upgrade. One of these issues that concern IceWarp customers is that it may cause Outlook Sync to stop working immediately after launch. This issue is not limited to IceWarp, but our technical team is trying to find solution how to fix it.

Who is affected?

Customers using Outlook Sync 11.4.6 or 12.0.1 who installed the latest Windows 10 Creators Update.

What is the issue?

After installing the Creators Update, Outlook may under some circumstances crash or stop working, because the update interferes with the Outlook Sync plugin and breaks the ability to synchronize data with IceWarp.

How to fix it?

Microsoft Outlook on Windows 10 works properly with the earlier update version 1607 so the problem is fixed by uninstalling the latest Windows 10 Creators Update, installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607). Postpone the update until Microsoft has fixed this issue. Use caution, older version of operating system puts the computer at risk .

How to install update version 1607?

To get the earlier cumulative Microsoft update version 1607, please follow this link:

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