Online documents in IceWarp Server 11.4

IceWarp Server 11.4 contains more results from our partnership with Collabora. After online documents view was introduced in version 11.3, the beta version of online document editing directly in your browser is available in the upcoming release. It is the first step to bring users complete document solution for information management, that they work with every day.

The online documents edit feature in 11.4 will be available to users in WebClient. As long as LibreOffice Online is enabled and configured by the administrator, this feature is automatically available to all users.

From the user perspective, it is possible to continue working without having to install Office suite on their computers when document editing is needed. To edit documents, Icewarp provides a seamless connection between its web-based storage and productivity applications installed on user´s computer. All existing documents will be in this coming beta version automatically available for editing in both private and public Document folders, so users are able to edit the style of writing and insert images or tables.

First left-click offer working with document shown on the right side of the screen (it depends on selected preview menu – Bottom Pane, Right Pane or None). A user can see the document (spreadsheet, presentation etc.) preview through following options:

  • Actions – numerous actions can be chosen by user preferences ( Print as PDF, Share Link or Send as Email. For large attachments you can use SmartAttach when attachments will be saved to your Document folder and replaced by download links in the email body. Within the beta version collaboration can be limited by editing not at the same time. The document will be locked for other collaborators while anyone else is editing the document. This feature is still being developed and will be released in the final version.)
  • Details – explore details about selected document (For now users can use the Tags or Note options to discuss online the changes of the unfinished document within this section. We are going to bring more collaboration functions in the future).
  • Revisions – check the list of revisions from other collaborators. You can also add new revision (Users will be not able to go through the revisions online; they have to download them on the server. Still they have a perfect overview about different versions of the document uploaded by collaborators – details about when and who made any changes is shown at each revision).

Hover over the document preview and a “Click the document and start editing” popup window will appear. By click on this window, an editable document will be opened in the second window and you can start editing.

And of course, documents are accessible and editable wherever you are – from your tablet, phone, computer, so you can increase your productivity, save time and work remotely from multiple locations.

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