IceWarp Server 11.4 release

With the release of version 11.4 on February 16th, another milestone in the history of IceWarp company is here. 11.4’s powerful new additions are a result of both customer feedback and key staff at IceWarp. In addition to numerous improvements, we have included also several brand-new features that were developed specifically for online productivity. These features include:

  • WebDocuments, capable of editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Extended WebAdmin with many settings from the Administration console
  • Complete web interface white-labeling

So do not hesitate and download a trial version from our website to experience all the innovations of version 11.4. Or click on the video above and see a quick video how easy it is to edit documents online directly from your web browser without having to install any other product.

For more information check out also our What’s new in IceWarp 11.4 document.

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