IceWarp Server 11.4 is coming!

IceWarp server 11.4 is coming on 15th of February so we can start to introduce you new innovative and useful features of this version. Today I would like to highlight 3 main features that were developed in WebAdmin and bring easy to use control for administrators and end-users as well.

Quarantine access for end-users

Time is changing so with coming version 11.4, not only WebAdmin administrators have access to WebAdmin environment. End-users have also access to WebAdmin so they can manage their spam queues from web-based interface themselves.

Emails which, according to permissions setup, WebAdmin detects as spam are caught in a quarantine area. Users are then notified about those emails by automatically generated spam report (if spam report is active), that possible spam message was guarantined.

After logging in to WebAdmin through CAPTCHA, end-users see the Spam Queues dialog with following tabs – Spam queues, Blacklist and Whitelist. Within quarantine tab the possible spam messages are listed, so end-users can specify which email is true spam (and add sender to Blacklist tab) or it is false positive only (and add sender to Whitelist tab). Emails from whitelisted senders are immediately sent to the end-user´s mailbox.

Server settings

Another significant WebAdmin feature of v11.4 is very easy and clearly enabling / disabling selected services for end-users. You can now setup different options for following areas:


Login and Password policy can be applied to all users from your WebAdmin account. This helps you to be more restrictive to make servers more secure. Policies options offer powerful ways to secure user´s accounts against attacks or misuse.

Smart discover

Mechanism helping you to ensure that any client application once supplied email address and password and authenticated by the server, will recieve a complete list of available protocols, ports, URLs and server addresses. You can setup hostname or alias of the server, where services run so end-users can start working immediately without any configuration required.


Certificates table displays a list of the certificates used within IceWarp Server. The Default certificate, displayed as the first in list, is an integrated certificate that is shipped with IceWarp Server. You can add certificates and assigned them to its specific IP addresses or create CSR/ Server certificates just by one click the button.

Webserver now also supports SNI (Server Name Identification). It means that administrators may setup multiple SSL certificates and the most appropriate one will be automatically chosen for HTTPS session according to the hostname that was used for accessing the server. This is important mainly for multi-domains environment.

Resource management

The latest feature of today´s introduction (of course, no less important than previous ones) is efficient and effective resource management. It is new type of account with possibility for administrators to create and manage all company resources from WebAdmin.

Within “create new” dialog in WebAdmin you can now choose New Resource. Then the new table popup where you can create new resource and add resource name, alias and select type of resource – room, car equipment etc. Save button send you to the dialog with additional settings of your created resource account. Standard folders – Info with general information about resource, Members with mailing list of members, Card with personal detailed information and Rules with an access to the rules list are ready to be filled in.

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