IceWarp Partner Conference 2017 – Part 2

Below you will find summary from the second and the third day of the IceWarp Partner Conference 2017.

Day 2

IceWarp’s CTO, Tonda Prukl, followed up on the v12 presentation from the previous day and spoke about v12 individual features in more technical details. He also presented news about TeamChat and WebDocuments and revealed plans for new applications development over the next few months.


Jakub Klos, Head of Research and one of the co-founders, together with Antonín Prukl, CTO, presented a development plan for HolyGrail – totally new generation of the existing product version, built on the whole new core.

In the presentation focused on IceWarp Cloud service, Adam Paclt, CEO and Antonin Prukl, CTO introduced the latest news in this area. They presented what we are working on at the very moment regarding cloud infrastructure and also our plans for cluster building and the cloud sales strategy over the next few month.


Josef Zacharias, Head of Technology together with Andrea Marin, Business Analytic showed internal systems we are using in IceWarp as well as the possibilities how these systems could be used by our partners.

Day 3

Workshops – the last day of the conference

During the last day, our partners had the opportunity to meet all IceWarp HQ staff and discuss specific problems of their markets and challenges they are facing every day with leaders of individual departments like Support, Testing, Sales, Development, Graphic Design and Marketing. Whole day was mainly focused on discussions and sharing experiences from different countries.


We look forward to seeing all of our partners at IceWarp Partner´s Conference 2018!

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