GDPR compliance is our priority!

Next year, May 25, 2018, the requirements of the European Union’s landmark General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect. The GDPR is a set of new data privacy laws across Europe that are designed to protect EU citizens’ data privacy requiring additional transparency in informing individuals about when and why their data is collected, processed and transferred. It will significantly change and update the data protection within EU and affects anyone who collects or processes personal data of Europeans, including companies and institutions outside the EU, operating on the European market.
IceWarp is fully aware of this regulation, so people responsible for information security in IceWarp already started to work on GDPR compliance several weeks ago and made the first steps of what is needed for GDPR compliance. To ensure we correctly understand how GDPR will affect IceWarp specifically we decided to work closely with consultants having practical experience from GDPR area.
We are continually examining and documenting our internal processes and any aspects of our product portfolio that relate to personal data handling, not just to ensure regulatory compliance, but more importantly to achieve best practices and satisfy our customers’ needs.
As we near the May 2018 effective date for GDPR, IceWarp is going to complete its GDPR compliance measures and be ready.

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