Curious about the faces behind IceWarp?

Last year was focused on development of major version of IceWarp server version 12, that will be released in the first quarter of 2017. This release will be followed by launch of IceWarp own applications IceWarp iOS instant messaging client for real time communication and IceWarp FileSync for file storage. At the heart of these projects you will find an effective core team that is fully responsible for the day-to-day leadership of these projects. During the next posts I would like to briefly introduce IceWarp team responsible for shifting IceWarp forward the right direction. Short overview from discussions with different teams you can find in the video below.

Whole IceWarp team is composed of dedicated professionals from varied backgrounds. Their work experience covers the range of IT including Development, Sales, Testing, Marketing, Design, Research and Support. When I read the last post I realized that I mentioned different company departments, but did not introduce at least core members of such departments.

So what you can expect in the following posts?

Executives: Adam, Petra, Tonda
Sales: George and global sales team, local sales teams from our branch offices
Development: Jozka, Jakub and their in-house and external developer teams
Support : Steve, Vagif and their international and local teams
Marketing, Design, Testing : Jiri, Patrick, Ondrej and their teams

Today, IceWarp has about 100 professionals worldwide. Everyone is part of the whole IceWarp unit and committed to providing superior service to our customers and have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver timely, well targeted, and affordable solutions.


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